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How to find more Captain Comics

We've recently moved our columnists, but older columns can't be moved without losing the Legionnaires' comments, which we value highly. So…

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Fall 2017 (and 2018) shows GeekTV is here to stay

By Andrew A. Smith Tribune Content Agency Spring is when a young person’s fancy turns to TV schedules – and if you’re into geek culture, 20…

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3 on Monday
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Need more aliens? Dark Horse will provide

By Andrew A. SmithTribune Content Agency Are you as eager for Alien: Covenant as a face-hugger scuttling from its egg? As hungry for the la…

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'Guardians' 2 returns old favorites -- and creates new ones

By Andrew A. Smith Tribune Content Agency The proudly quirky Guardians of the Galaxy return for Vol. 2 May 5, doing what they do best: Taki…

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12 May 17
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8 Fun Facts about King Arthur before watching 'Legend of the Sword'

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures Arthur (Charles Hunnam) doing what Arthur does best: Pulling a sword from a stone. By Andrew A. Smith Tr…

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12 May 16
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'Logan' only loosely based on pre-X-isting X-comics

  Photo Credit: Ben Rothstein Logan/Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) tries to protect the young mutant Laura (Dafne Keen ) in Logan.  By Andrew A.…

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9 May 1
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Twelve things you don't need to know about 'Powerless' (but are fun to know)

By Andrew A. Smith Tribune Content Agency NBC’s Powerless premiered Feb. 2, and it’s based on the same DC Comics universe as TV shows like…

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15 Apr 25
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Marvel Universe to reboot in 'Secret Wars'

Secret Wars kicks off with Secret Wars #0, a free prologue arriving on May 2, Free Comic Book Day. Copyright Marvel Entertainment Inc.   Th…

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49 Apr 22
Reply by Luke Blanchard

Ruh Roh! In DC's new 'Scooby Apocalypse,' the monsters are real

By Andrew A. SmithTribune Content Agency “I’d have gotten away with it, if it wasn’t for those darn kids!” That phrase is so iconic, some p…

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2 Apr 16
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From comics to crime noir: Archie's Alex Segura brings his Miami P.I. back in 'Dangerous Ends'

By Andrew A. SmithTribune Content Agency From Batista’s Cuba to modern Florida. From street gangs to dirty cops. From Miami’s upscale neigh…

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0 Apr 8

'Future Quest' is everything that's great about comics and Saturday morning cartoons

By Andrew A. Smith Tribune Content Agency If you don’t like Future Quest, you just don’t like comics. I’ve said that a dozen times in vario…

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6 Apr 3
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