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From the Archives: Deck Log Entry # 26 Here Come the Jordans!

The holidays must have been a lonely time for most Silver-Age super-heroes.  The adult ones, anyway.  For few of them had family to be with…

Started by Commander Benson

1 Nov 2, 2018
Reply by Fraser Sherman

Deck Log Entry # 210 The Silver-Age Challenge---DC Edition III . . . Answers!

And we’re back!   I was pleased to see a great deal of participation this time around, and I was impressed at the fact that it appeared tha…

Started by Commander Benson

8 Sep 27, 2018
Reply by Dave Palmer

Deck Log Entry # 209 The Silver-Age Challenge---DC Edition III

After several summers of “theme” trivia quizzes, this year, I’m right back where I started, with a potpourri of questions from Silver-Age D…

Started by Commander Benson

23 Sep 17, 2018
Reply by Fraser Sherman

Deck Log Entry # 208 So, You Want to Join the Blackhawks . . . . (Part Two)

The paramilitary Blackhawks were one of the most closed-door groups in comic-book history.  After the admission of Chop-Chop in 1941 (subse…

Started by Commander Benson

4 Jul 25, 2018
Reply by Fraser Sherman

Deck Log Entry # 207 So, You Want to Join the Blackhawks . . . . (Part One)

If you wanted to become one of the famed Black Knights of the skies, you pretty much had to be around in 1941.    The story of the man call…

Started by Commander Benson

5 Jul 9, 2018
Reply by Fraser Sherman

Deck Log Entry # 204 Dead on Arrival

A trim, athletic man in blood-red tights and a white cadaverous mask stands on a pedestal high above the crowd.  The smell of sawdust and p…

Started by Commander Benson

14 Jun 12, 2018
Reply by Jason Marconnet (Pint sized mod)

Deck Log Entry # 206 Death in the Silver Age: Abin Sur, R. I. P

“No use . . . fooling yourself, Abin Sur . . . you are dying!  You have only a short time left to live . . . .   Not the best way to début…

Started by Commander Benson

7 Apr 24, 2018
Reply by Richard Willis

Deck Log Entry # 205 Captain America, G-Man!

You don’t have to read too many early issues of The Avengers before you realise that the original Assemblers were a pretty testy bunch.  Th…

Started by Commander Benson

6 Apr 23, 2018
Reply by Jeff of Earth-J

Deck Log Entry # 203 Merry Christmas 2017!

To-day, on this day of days, as you gather around the Christmas tree, or sit down to Christmas dinner . . . …

Started by Commander Benson

7 Dec 27, 2017
Reply by Eric L. Sofer

Deck Log Entry # 202 Happy Thanksgiving 2017!

Twenty-eight years ago---ye gods, has it been almost three decades?---I had just started a tour of duty as the executive officer for a larg…

Started by Commander Benson

18 Nov 29, 2017
Reply by Dave Palmer



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