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2017: Your Favorite Things

In previous years, this was a memory box so we didn't miss any good nominations for the Cappies. With the Cappies hypertimed away, that doe…

Started by Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod)Latest Reply

A link to Border Mutt's "Links for Reviews ... Re-Read Threads ... Other Round Table Links"

Hey all!  Our pal Border Mutt has put together a very impressive thread with links to all of the various reviews and re-read threads, as we…

Started by John Dunbar (the mod of maple)Latest Reply

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Do Kryptonians feel bullets?

Sometimes my brain goes on odd tangents. Pre-Crisis, was there ever a discussion about how being shot with a bullet felt to a Kryptonian? W…

Started by Randy Jackson

11 10 hours ago
Reply by Dave Elyea

The nice thoughts of Emerkeith...........

...Following in the massive footprints of the " Incomprehensible Idiot  " thread , I present...........   ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Started by Emerkeith Davyjack

104 18 hours ago
Reply by Richard Willis

The Mighty Thor #700 (SPOILERS)

"The Blood of the Norns" ("The Death of the Mighty Thor" Part 1) Written by Jason Aaron, Art by A Whole Bunch of People Plot:  The framing…

Started by The Baron

2 yesterday
Reply by The Baron

DC's ownership, corporate split, newsstands, tabloids.

The piece in the July 3d NEW YORKER about David Pecker, the head of the company that owns the NATIONAL ENQUIRER and many other mags, provid…

Started by Emerkeith Davyjack

7 on Friday
Reply by Richard Willis

Trends in DC's Digital Reprints on Comixology

A while back, I logged some week-to-week posts on DC’s digital reprint program through Comixology. It’s been a while, and their digital off…

Started by Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod)

227 on Friday
Reply by Detective 445

What Comic Books Have You Read Today?

Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #1, which was really good ("There will be no eating of teammates."), and G.I. Joe: Cobra #1-3. People who know…

Started by Wandering Sensei: Moderator Man

3747 on Friday
Reply by Jeff of Earth-J

That Little Brown Box

Today, from In Stock Trades, I received a box containing Doug Moench and Kelley Jones's Batman. This was like a huge dream come true for me…

Started by Wandering Sensei: Moderator Man

27 on Friday
Reply by Wandering Sensei: Moderator Man

"Pick of the Week" - What's Yours?

Every week, one item or another in my pull and hold stands out for me above the rest in one way or another. Sometimes it’s a periodical, so…

Started by Jeff of Earth-J

352 on Thursday
Reply by Richard Willis

Horror Stories for Halloween 2017

This year I thought I'd celebrate Halloween by posting a daily comics story. Please feel free to make any contribution to the thread that f…

Started by Luke Blanchard

136 on Thursday
Reply by Ronald Morgan

Today's Purchases

Archie #2 Doctor Who: Four Doctors #2 Spider-Verse #4 What'd you buy?

Started by The Baron

256 on Wednesday
Reply by The Baron



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