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Cover to Green Arrow #3

Hey, kids, welcome to Brightest Day!  Can't wait for that parent to come into the shop with a seven year old looking for comics starring th…

Started by Doc Beechler (mod-MD)

14 May 15, 2010
Reply by Figserello

Top five!

Go!   Secret Six 20th Century Boys The X-books as a whole currently Golly! Flash (just because of that AMAZING Manapul art)

Started by Doc Beechler (mod-MD)

6 May 15, 2010
Reply by Dagwan


So today I found myself reading two of Geoff Johns' recent mini-epics: Flash Rebirth and Legion of 3 Worlds. And with both of them, when I…

Started by Alan M.

9 May 14, 2010
Reply by Captain Comics

I love Rags Morales' work, but...

...I really wish he'd get some references when he's doing a period piece like First Wave.  As gorgeous as the art is, about the only things…

Started by Rich Lane

12 May 13, 2010
Reply by Figserello

Calling All Legionnaires: The Great Thesis Project Continues!

[Note: I accidentally posted this under the "Newsboy" login I use for PR, so I'm re-posting under my correct name. I've also added the one…

Started by Captain Comics

43 May 13, 2010
Reply by ClarkKent_DC

How many Comics in a Month? 171.8!

Taking a tip from my friend, the Baron, I'm going to keep a record of all the comics I read in 30 days, starting with today. I will include…

Started by Dagwan

56 May 13, 2010
Reply by Travis Herrick (Modular Mod)

Thoughts on the books of May 5, 2010 (spoilerish)

Astonishing Spider-Man/Wolverine #1 - Highly developed mammals in that period of prehistory?  I guess I can write it off to evolution in th…

Started by Doc Beechler (mod-MD)

17 May 13, 2010
Reply by Doc Beechler (mod-MD)

Happy birthday, Marv Wolfman!

Writer & editor Marv Wolfman is 64 today.

Started by Cavaliere (moderator emeritus)

1 May 13, 2010
Reply by Doctor Hmmm?

A question about numbering

Renumbering series for "anniversary" issues is all the rage, after rejiggering the numbers time and again on various titles to give us new…

Started by ClarkKent_DC

9 May 12, 2010
Reply by Figserello

Cancellation coincidence: It's happened again!

I've mentioned before that I must have the most common tastes in comics in America, because books I have medium or little interest in get c…

Started by Captain Comics

41 May 11, 2010
Reply by Lumbering Jack (M'odd-R8-Tr)



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