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Black Canary origin question

In his weekly "Things that Made Me Happy in This Week's Comics" post, Scipio mentions a severe change to Black Canary's origin. Anyone know…

Started by Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod)

5 Jul 16, 2009
Reply by Kent Allard

Marvel's Ultimate Universe

I was filling out my Previews order form today (finally), and saw the Marvel is rolling out the reboot of the Ultimate line. I also saw tha…

Started by Travis Herrick (Modular Mod)

15 Jul 15, 2009
Reply by Batmatt Beyond

Soviet Super Soldiers question

Can you help me find which Marvel comics featured the Soviet Super Soldiers as antagonists? Based on the recommendation of the Legion, I bo…

Started by Chris Fluit

10 Jul 15, 2009
Reply by Rich Lane

All the superheroes show up for Stan's birthday! This is pretty darn cool...

Started by Doc Beechler (mod-MD)

1 Jul 14, 2009
Reply by Jason Marconnet (Pint sized mod)

Supernatural Law - "Rights of the Werewolf"

I'm not sure if anyone else here follows the Supernatural Law webcomic, but... Is it just me, or has the current storyline, about Leon the…

Started by Alan M.

3 Jul 13, 2009
Reply by Mark S. Ogilvie

Jane Foster cast So, Luke Skywalker's mama as Nurse Jane. What do you think about that?

Started by Mark Russell Pennington

2 Jul 13, 2009
Reply by Doc Beechler (mod-MD)

Library Haul

Stopped by the library again today (I know, shocking!) and came home with the following: Heroes for Hire: World War Hulk Jack of Fables, v…

Started by Alan M.

5 Jul 10, 2009
Reply by Alan M.

The More Things Change...

I was reading some old Marvel Two-in-Ones earlier this weekend. They were from 1980 and I also read the letters pages. In one issue, a fan…

Started by Chris Fluit

6 Jul 9, 2009
Reply by Figserello

I know how Magneto feels about the Red Skull, but...

...has there ever been a story that touches on how he feels about Captain America? It would seem to me that a man known for helping stop Hi…

Started by Doc Beechler (mod-MD)

2 Jul 6, 2009
Reply by Chris Fluit

Happy birthday, John Byrne!

John Byrne is 59 today!

Started by Cavaliere (moderator emeritus)

4 Jul 6, 2009
Reply by Figserello



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