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Cat's gettin' married!

She had to go all the way to Stratford-upon-Avon to find him...but she did. Congrats to my sister and her swell groom-to-be, Thomas! I'll d…

Started by Doc Beechler (mod-MD)

7 Jun 12, 2009
Reply by Ana Canino-Fluit (Anacoqui- mod)

How about my Indians!!

I thought they were dead last night, being down 10-4 in the ninth. Big surprise this morning when I saw that they scored 7 in the ninth to…

Started by Mark Stanislawski

5 Jun 12, 2009
Reply by David Warren

Scoobert's Birthday

Scoobert is NINE today! Yeah, we're weird...what's your point?

Started by Rich Lane

1 Jun 12, 2009
Reply by David Warren

Wicked (Indianapolis stop)

It was my sister and her now-fiance's last night here in the we all went out to see Wicked. I have the soundtrack, so I kinda k…

Started by Doc Beechler (mod-MD)

0 Jun 10, 2009

My daughter graduated!

It was an outdoor graduation on Friday, and the weather cooperated wonderfully. She looked beautiful in her gown and cap, though it was dif…

Started by Rich Lane

18 Jun 10, 2009
Reply by Mark S. Ogilvie

Say hello to Indiana's youngest Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician

I was notified this morning that I passed my subspeciality boards and am now one of only six pediatricians in the state with this certifica…

Started by Doc Beechler (mod-MD)

19 Jun 9, 2009
Reply by Jeff Walklin

Photos Of The Legion 2.0

It's a windy day at the world-famous Cadillac Ranch, west of Amarillo. So windy, in fact, that Don's hair is almost all blown to one side…

Started by Don Collett

6 Jun 4, 2009
Reply by David Warren

Sorry! Group flub...

I want first to apologize...when I created some of the groups (Spidey, Doctor Who, Disney, Batman, and Horror/Mystery), I accidently set th…

Started by Doc Beechler (mod-MD)

4 Jun 3, 2009
Reply by Mark Sullivan (Vertiginous Mod)

Things That Made You Laugh Out Loud

I was watching my Superstars of the 90's DVD this morning, and they showed the scene where Vince McMahon was in a hospital bed and "Stone C…

Started by The Baron

4 May 30, 2009
Reply by PowerBook Pete, the Mad Mod

Everything I Know I Learned for Dungeons & Dragons

Everything I Know I Learned for Dungeons & Dragons A nifty little post I thought.

Started by Travis Herrick (Modular Mod)

0 May 27, 2009



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