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Happy Birthday, Alexandra Kitty!

Look!  Up in the sky!  The Clowny-Signal is flashing!

Started by Doctor Hmmm?

9 May 21, 2010
Reply by Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod)

Is Anyone Else Having This Problem?

For some reason, the site is not letting me sign out. Also, when I do post, the usual icons for italics, bold, quotes, etc., are not appear…

Started by The Baron

104 May 20, 2010
Reply by Travis Herrick (Modular Mod)

Tip O' the Hat

I thought we had a "Member Appreciation" thread somewhere, but I can't find it.  So I'm creating my own.

Started by Doctor Hmmm?

3 May 13, 2010
Reply by Figserello

Posting My Blog---It Ain't Working Right

One of my favourite aspects to switching to this board was how much easier it was for me to post my Deck Log column.  I was able to post my…

Started by Commander Benson

19 Feb 15, 2010
Reply by Commander Benson

Sorry everybody, I didn't mean to jam up "Latest activity"

I was inviting new members to the GL group, and when I looked at the main page, most of the Latest activity was me leaving a comment for a…

Started by John Dunbar

9 Feb 11, 2010
Reply by Figserello

So, now that we've been here a while...

How is the new site performing? I know we've seen some new folks join, and some people who've been away from the old boards come back, but…

Started by Dagwan

32 Feb 9, 2010
Reply by Figserello

Can I adjust order of responses?

I keep reading threads back to front, as the most recent replies appear under the topic starter's post/blog. I can't see where to adjust th…

Started by Martin Gray

0 Feb 9, 2010

RIP Rusty Haller (RedbatRusty)

My apologies if this was already posted, but I just found out that Rusty Haller had passed away a couple of months ago. Rusty posted on the…

Started by Bienvenu

7 Jan 28, 2010
Reply by sly simpson

A few words about tags

Here's a hint when using tags. If you have a multi-word tag then put it in quotes. Most of us would just put Captain America as a tag. What…

Started by Cavaliere (moderator emeritus)

1 Jan 12, 2010
Reply by Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod)

Say, What's This "Gifts" Business?

What's that all about?

Started by The Baron

3 Nov 24, 2009
Reply by Mike Parnell



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