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Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Looks like DC's really planning to capitalize on the upcoming movie.

Started by KSwolf

2 May 29, 2010
Reply by Bienvenu

Happy 30th Anniversary to The Empire Strikes Back

Thirty years ago, I was 10 and camped out with friends and family on the Glendale Cinema's parking lot in Indianapolis...waiting for the fi…

Started by Doc Beechler (mod-MD)

5 May 22, 2010
Reply by George

"Law & Order" is canceled!

There was some 11th-hour negotiating last night between NBC and producer Dick Wolf to keep the show alive, but it's official: NBC has cance…

Started by ClarkKent_DC

12 May 17, 2010
Reply by Alexandra Kitty

Ashes to Ashes returns tonight on BBC America!

Tune in at 10 PM EST.

Started by Doc Beechler (mod-MD)

0 May 11, 2010

We have a Steve Rogers

From the Human Torch to Cap, Chris Evans has taken the job. Thoughts?

Started by Doc Beechler (mod-MD)

12 May 4, 2010
Reply by Horn'd One

The one time Dolores has me watch Desperate Housewives with her...

...and who shows up at the end of the episode?Captain Jack Harkness.Odd how coincidences happen now and again.

Started by Rich Lane

9 May 4, 2010
Reply by ClarkKent_DC

Marvel Superhero Cartoons (Re-post)

Okay, my site seems to be back up, so here again is a link to my ning, which contains links to the four Marvel reviews I was able to post b…

Started by Mr. Satanism

0 Apr 30, 2010

Glee - season one, part one - Road to Sectionals

Having been, during my school years, in choir and drama club and on the academic and speech teams, Glee fires a bunch of memory cells. Grow…

Started by Doc Beechler (mod-MD)

11 Apr 29, 2010
Reply by ClarkKent_DC

If you were to star in any "comic book to movie" translation, which one would it be, and what role would you have?

Yorick Brown in Y: The Last Man or Beast Boy in Teen Titans.

Started by Doc Beechler (mod-MD)

10 Apr 21, 2010
Reply by Eric L. Sofer

Ugly Betty

Last week came the sad news that Ugly Betty is canceled. To add insult to injury, the episode order is cut from 22 to 20. With 10 episodes…

Started by ClarkKent_DC

4 Apr 18, 2010
Reply by ClarkKent_DC



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