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"Yellow Submarine" to get a 50th anniversary theatricial rerelease

From the Los Angeles Times: "The Beatles' 'Yellow Submarine' Film Will Get 50th Anniversary Theatrical Run Starting July 8" The Los Angele…

Started by ClarkKent_DC

3 Apr 9
Reply by doc photo

The Anime Review Thread

I know there's at least one other fan of anime on this board, and perhaps more, so I thought I'd do a review of some of the anime I've watc…

Started by Randy Jackson

99 Apr 9
Reply by The Baron

Soon-Tek Oh, Pioneering Character Actor, Dies at 85

The Legion of "Hey, It's That Guy!" Character Actors loses Soon-Tek Oh, who was the voice of Mulan's father in Mulan, and appeared in a lon…

Started by ClarkKent_DC

2 Apr 8
Reply by The Baron

"Black Panther" movie discussion -- SPOILERS!!!

Am I the first to comment on the wonderfulness that is Black Panther, the movie? If so, so be it. I saw it Thursday night, at a screening a…

Started by ClarkKent_DC

22 Apr 7
Reply by Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod)

Justice League Movie Spoilers Thread

Here's the place to discuss the Justice League movie! Spoilers ahoy!(Disclaimer: Spoiler does not appear in this movie.)

Started by Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod)

11 Apr 6
Reply by Richard Willis

R.I.P. Steven Bochco, 1943-2018

Steven Bochco, producer of Hill Street Blues, L.A. Law, NYPD Blue and Doogie Howser, M.D., dies at 74 of leukemia. From The New York Times:…

Started by ClarkKent_DC

5 Apr 5
Reply by Travis Herrick (Modular Mod)

Friday the 13th(s)

I went through a “splatter movie” phase back in the early to mid ‘80s, in the theater and eventually catching up to those I had missed on V…

Started by Jeff of Earth-J

67 Apr 3
Reply by The Baron

Movies I Have Seen Lately

Saw a Takashi Miike picture called The Great Yokai War. "Yokai" is a Japanese term for monsters from folklore, as opposed to the more famil…

Started by The Baron

3428 Apr 2
Reply by Captain Comics

What are you watching right now?

Criminal Minds: "Amplification"

Started by Cavaliere (moderator emeritus)

317 Mar 30
Reply by Wandering Sensei: Moderator Man

The One And Only, Genuine, Original Family Band

I am now watching, on TCM, the 1960s Disney musical " The One And Only,  Genuine,  Original Family Band ". I didn't see it when I was 8 yea…

Started by Emerkeith Davyjack

0 Mar 30



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