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Silver Sightings-The Chemical Conqueror

I decided to comment on Silver Age stories that I read either as reprints or back issues that left an impression on me. Today I pick Advent…

Started by Philip Portelli

4 Sep 13, 2011
Reply by Philip Portelli

Spider-Man's Vehicles: The Motorbike

Very early in John Romita, Sr.'s run on Amazing Spider-Man, circa issue #42, Petey buys himself a motorbike, which is first shaded blue.  …

Started by Kirk G

49 Sep 11, 2011
Reply by Kirk G

The New Superman

I just happened to run across some photos of the new Superman, Henry Cavill, and it looks like, once again, the comics are making the bad…

Started by Mr. Silver Age

33 Sep 9, 2011
Reply by George

Have you ever wished you were Spider-Man?

Oh sure, some of us fantasize about swinging through the air on webs, or punching out Doc Oct, or even getting the girl (Mary Jane)...   Bu…

Started by Kirk G

0 Sep 8, 2011

Cap & The Cube! (Ask Mr. Silver Age, CBG #1681)

For reasons I don't quite understand, my Ask Mr. Silver Age column from CBG #1681 has not been posted at the site, although Brent says he p…

Started by Mr. Silver Age

1 Sep 1, 2011
Reply by Philip Portelli

Spider-Man "Blue" revisited

Recently, the clerk at my local comic book shop ordered in a copy of Spiderman Blue, and then proceded to parade it around in front of my e…

Started by Kirk G

19 Aug 31, 2011
Reply by Jeff of Earth-J

So (pt. 27 & 28)...

Had DC taken the radical approach back in the Silver Age of making Hawkgirl the leading character and Hawkman the junior partner, would the…

Started by Randy Jackson

21 Aug 26, 2011
Reply by Commander Benson

Anyone recognise Dum-Dum Dugan in "Captain America: The First Avenger"?

It was a pleasant surprise to see the "howling commandos" show up correctly cast in the WWII portion of the new Captain America movie.   Bu…

Started by Kirk G

9 Jul 27, 2011
Reply by PowerBook Pete, the Mad Mod

Did Dick Sprang do anything else apart from Batman?

I enjoy the work of Dick Sprang and I'd like to investigate his non-Batman work. I know he occasionaly drew some Superman strips to in Worl…

Started by Dandy Forsdyke

13 Jul 16, 2011
Reply by Luke Blanchard

The JLA/JSA Team-Ups: Some Observations

I was going to do a thread on my FIVE favorite Justice League/Justice Society team-ups when I discovered that I couldn't pick just five! So…

Started by Philip Portelli

185 Jun 15, 2011
Reply by Philip Portelli



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