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When did your Silver Age begin?

Discussion on another thread that mentioned Mike's Amazing World of Comics prompted me to take a look to see if I could pinpoint exactly wh…

Started by Hoy Murphy

42 Nov 4, 2016
Reply by Richard Willis

Ugly Silver Age covers

Following up on discussion about ugly Silver Age comic book covers on another thread, I'm going to make this my first attempt at starting a…

Started by Hoy Murphy

73 Oct 28, 2016
Reply by Joe Sherrod

Digital Comics

We started discussing digital comics in the what should be collected next thread, and since that often becomes a longer topic, I figured I'…

Started by Mr. Silver Age

22 Oct 25, 2016
Reply by Steve W

Marvel's "Publishing Companies", Early Silver Age and Before

Awhile back I brought up this question in another thread, to no reaction. I remembered being puzzled by this when the comics were new. In t…

Started by Richard Willis

25 Oct 12, 2016
Reply by Steve W

Comic Appearance of The President

In light of the national election in the USA, I was wondering just how many times an American president has been depicted in a comic book?…

Started by Kirk G

76 Aug 28, 2016
Reply by JD DeLuzio

What Should Be Collected Next?

In a sidebar to my December CBG column on good reading for Silver Age fans in 2010, I suggested five collections that I wanted to see in 20…

Started by Mr. Silver Age

506 Aug 26, 2016
Reply by Mr. Silver Age

Iris West-Allen and the Legion of Super-Heroes.

In Flash 203 we get the startlingly revelation that Iris was born native to the 30th century. They even reveal the year she's presently in…

Started by kevin

25 Aug 9, 2016
Reply by Captain Comics

Why WEREN'T Reed and Sue married before FANTASTIC FOUR #1?

With the new Fantastic Four movie about to come out, I thought that I would ask about something that always bothered me. Given the informat…

Started by Philip Portelli

81 Jul 31, 2016
Reply by Richard Willis

Elvis Presley during the Silver Age

What about Elvis Presley as a presence/inspiration in Silver Age comic books , including parodies and " just like/wink wink " versions ?

Started by Emerkeith Davyjack

7 Jul 29, 2016
Reply by Dave Blanchard

Superboy's School Daze! (Ask Mr. Silver Age, CBG #1683)

My latest column for CBG, on all the fun Superboy had during his hazy, crazy days in school has been posted to the CBG website. You can rea…

Started by Mr. Silver Age

8 Jul 28, 2016
Reply by Mr. Silver Age



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