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Elvis Presley during the Silver Age

What about Elvis Presley as a presence/inspiration in Silver Age comic books , including parodies and " just like/wink wink " versions ?

Started by Emerkeith Davyjack

7 Jul 29, 2016
Reply by Dave Blanchard

Superboy's School Daze! (Ask Mr. Silver Age, CBG #1683)

My latest column for CBG, on all the fun Superboy had during his hazy, crazy days in school has been posted to the CBG website. You can rea…

Started by Mr. Silver Age

8 Jul 28, 2016
Reply by Mr. Silver Age

Silver Sightings: When Batman was Engaged, Had His Heart Broken, Got Framed and Arrested....oh, and ECLIPSO was There, Too!

Started by Philip Portelli

38 Jul 27, 2016
Reply by Philip Portelli

Avengers #60- The M*A*S*H Connection

Recently posted on another website, a still photo from a MASH TV episode #91 (Jan.6th, 1974) shows Radar O'Reiley sleeping with his teddy b…

Started by Kirk G

28 Jul 25, 2016
Reply by Richard Willis

Showcase Presents

Amazon lists: Showcase Presents Blue Beetle February 2015 This value-priced title collects the entire 24-issue run of BLUE BEETLE from the…

Started by Hoy Murphy

49 Jul 24, 2016
Reply by Ronald Morgan

Questions for the board about re-reading projects

Hey folks.  I have four re-reading projects that I currently do.  If you don't know, I'm re-reading Amazing Spider-Man #1-50, Thor (Journey…

Started by John Dunbar

29 Jul 10, 2016
Reply by Captain Comics

Happy Birthday Mr. Silver Age

I'm running late, as I do in most things, but here's a Silver Anniversary birthday wish to our pal Craig Shutt, the splendiferous Mr. Silve…

Started by Hoy Murphy

15 May 26, 2016
Reply by Jeff of Earth-J

My Golden Anniversary with Batman

Fifty years ago I bought my very first comic book: Justice League of America # 45 (June 1966). I don’t know the exact date, but the on-sale…

Started by Dave Blanchard

12 May 6, 2016
Reply by Emerkeith Davyjack

Last Silver Age appearance of Giant-Man

Last year I got unavoidably sidetracked on my resolution from 2012 to read every Silver Age Marvel super-hero comic from Fantastic Four #1…

Started by Hoy Murphy

16 Apr 25, 2016
Reply by Luke Blanchard


Word is that Mr. Silver age will be hosting a Trivia panel at C2E2 this weekend and because of the movie this summer, some of the questions…

Started by Hoy Murphy

210 Apr 22, 2016
Reply by Captain Comics



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