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Books, GNs, and Collections Review List (as of 05/17/15) The below list should include all the books, GNs, and collections that have been…

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Comic Thoughts for the week of 426/2017

Only one Marvel #1 this week: Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider #1 - Ben attempts to create a new life in Las Vegas after the Clone Conspiracy Sto…

Started by Randy Jackson

0 on Thursday

Golden Age and Transition Era Issue Reviews

I've started a thread on Golden Age comics before. My idea was to review runs or portions of runs, but that turned out to be difficult to d…

Started by Luke Blanchard

194 on Thursday
Reply by Emerkeith Davyjack

FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics Vol. 3 - 4 [The End]

FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics Vol. 3: Audeamus Simon Oliver, writer; Alberto Ponticelli, artist; Rico Renzi, colorist Vertigo Comics, 2015…

Started by Mark Sullivan (Vertiginous Mod)

0 on Wednesday

Roughneck by Jeff Lemire

Roughneck Jeff Lemire Gallery 13 Books (an imprint of Simon & Schuster), 2017 Jeff Lemire returns to the Canadian setting of his ear…

Started by Mark Sullivan (Vertiginous Mod)

4 on Wednesday
Reply by Mark Sullivan (Vertiginous Mod)

Comic Thoughts for the week of 4/19/2017

Monsters Unleashed #1 - We get Kid Kaiju's new set up--he's been reloacated by SHIELD, Elsa Bloodstone is his bodyguard. HERBIE has been se…

Started by Randy Jackson

3 Apr 20
Reply by Emerkeith Davyjack

Comic Thoughts for the week of 4/12/2017

kI don't know if Cap plans to continue recapping the week's offerings, but I figure I can at least do the Marvel #1's. So here we go: Blac…

Started by Randy Jackson

10 Apr 18
Reply by Randy Jackson

Snotgirl Vol.1 - Green Hair Don't Care

Snotgirl Vol.1 - Green Hair Don't Care Bryan Lee O'Malley,  writer; Leslie Hung, artist Image Comics, 2017 Snotgirl is Lottie Person, a g…

Started by Mark Sullivan (Vertiginous Mod)

2 Apr 15
Reply by Captain Comics

Captain Comics comments for March 22, 2017

Good lord, it's Thursday already! Time to pop out the Captain's Comments for March 22, 2017, while they're still timely! This week's offeri…

Started by Captain Comics

11 Apr 9
Reply by Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod)

We Stand On Guard

We Stand On Guard Brian K. Vaughan, writer; Steve Skroce, artist; Matt Hollingsworth, colorist; Fonografiks, lettering & design. Image…

Started by Mark Sullivan (Vertiginous Mod)

0 Apr 3

The Twilight Children

The Twilight Children Gilbert Hernandez, writer; Darwyn Cooke, artist & letterer; Dave Stewart, colorist Vertigo Comics, 2016 Gilber…

Started by Mark Sullivan (Vertiginous Mod)

1 Mar 21
Reply by Wandering Sensei: Moderator Man



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