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Introduction to the Baron's Timelines

I've always been a fan of reading timelines for fictional characters, and also creating them myself. I've posted a few of them here which I…

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An Earth-Two-Derived Post-Crisis Timeline

This timeline was inspired by reading Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Crisis on Infinite Earths #1.  As you know, the original post-CoIE Ea…

Started by The Baron

21 Jan 7
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The Earth-44 Timeline Appendix Sixteen: Vignettes

Vignette #1: "Finally, tonight, the solution of a sixteen year-old mystery. As our viewers may recall, two months ago, the mummified body…

Started by The Baron

33 Dec 2, 2020
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Watching the Godzilla Movies, Part One: The Showa Era Films

(The following isn't really a "timeline", although I intend to use it as a "preamble" to a timeline-related idea I have in mind. For some t…

Started by The Baron

25 Oct 26, 2020
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A Guide to the Baron's Favorite Fictional Characters (SPOILERS)

(Hamlet of Earth-1948) Real name: Hamlet, son of Hamlet Aliases/Other Names: None,. First Appearance: The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of…

Started by The Baron

540 Aug 25, 2020
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A Timeline of MST'd Movies

What I'm going to do here is present a timeline of the feature films and shorts that were shown in the twelve seasons of Mystery Science Th…

Started by The Baron

13 Aug 14, 2020
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The Earth-44R Timeline: An Experiment

As most of you know, the Earth-44 Timeline is something I've been working on for years. However, I has always seemed to me that it is kind…

Started by The Baron

21 Jul 14, 2020
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The Earth-44R Timeline: An Experiment - Part Three

Continued from here FEDERATION AND IMPERIUM (A.D. 2161 - A.D. 2899) During this period, Earth (and its allies) became a great power in the…

Started by The Baron

3 Jul 13, 2020
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The Earth-44R Timeline: An Experiment - Part Two

Continued from here THE HEROIC AGE, PART FOUR (A.D. 1971 - A.D. 1980) During this period, the human race began to cooperate ever more clos…

Started by The Baron

6 Jul 13, 2020
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Mystery Science Theater 3000 Timeline

At some point in the late 1980’s, Drs. Clayton Forrester and Laurence Erhardt, two scientists attached to the Gizmonic Institute, conceived…

Started by The Baron

0 Jun 12, 2020

Re-Watching Mystery Science Theater 3000

OK, I'll be handling this one a little differently than some of the other TV series I've re-watched. I don't own every episode of this, and…

Started by The Baron

386 May 12, 2020
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