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Introduction to the Baron's Timelines

I've always been a fan of reading timelines for fictional characters, and also creating them myself. I've posted a few of them here which I…

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Watching the Godzilla Movies, Part Three: The Millennium Films and Beyond

Continued from Part Two! Gojira ni-sen mireniamu (1999) This film is first of what would come to be called the "Millennium" series of G-f…

Started by The Baron

34 Nov 26, 2019
Reply by Doctor Hmmm?

The Earth-44 Timeline: The Heroic Age, Part Seven

(Continued from The Heroic Age, Part Six) THE HEROIC AGE, PART SEVEN (A.D. 2001 - A.D. 2053) A.D. 2001:  Character Debuts:  Alexandra Eam…

Started by The Baron

25 Nov 16, 2019
Reply by The Baron

The Earth-44 Timeline, Appendix Three: The Legacy of the Green Lanterns of Earth

Among the earliest intelligent races to evolve were the inhabitants of the planet Maltus. Little is known about their earliest years until,…

Started by The Baron

6 Nov 16, 2019
Reply by The Baron

A Short, Incomplete History of Kaiju

(OOC Note: This will not include every possible Kaiju story, only ones that I am especially familiar with.  I shudder to think of even tryi…

Started by The Baron

32 Oct 21, 2019
Reply by Peter Wrexham

The Baron Watches Seven "World War Three" Movies (SPOILERS Possible!)

This thread led me to think about all of the various movies I've seen over the years which revolved around "World War Three" happening and…

Started by The Baron

81 Oct 6, 2019
Reply by The Baron

A Guide to the Baron's Favorite Fictional Characters (SPOILERS)

(Hamlet of Earth-1948) Real name: Hamlet, son of Hamlet Aliases/Other Names: None,. First Appearance: The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of…

Started by The Baron

539 Jul 6, 2019
Reply by The Baron

The Baron Re-Watches the Original "Battlestar Galactica" and "Galactica 1980" (SPOILERS POSSIBLE)

We begin with the three-part pilot, "Saga of a Star World", first broadcast September 17, 1978. Summary:  The humans of the Twelve Colonie…

Started by The Baron

59 May 29, 2019
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The Earth-44 Timeline: List of Earth-44 Threads, and Footnotes.

Hello, all! It's been in my mind for some time to re-post the Earth-44 timeline in a hopefully more accessible format.  This kind of a long…

Started by The Baron

38 Mar 5, 2019
Reply by The Baron

The Earth-44 Timeline: The Far Future

(Continued from The Democratic Age) THE FAR FUTURE (A.D. 6001- THE END OF TIME) A.D. 6021: Event: The Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble and Marth…

Started by The Baron

1 Mar 5, 2019
Reply by The Baron

Watching the Toei Spider-Man

Note: The disks I have are in Japanese, without dubbing or subtitles.  I only know about twenty or so words of Japanese, although many of t…

Started by The Baron

77 Jan 29, 2019
Reply by Jeff of Earth-J



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