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The Baron Re-Reads Devil Dinosaur (SPOILERS)

This is an odd bit of Kirby- one that I remembered reading and enjoying back in the day, so when it was recently released and collected, I…

Started by The Baron

30 Jun 30, 2014
Reply by Captain Comics

The Baron Re-Reads a Bunch of Amalgam Comics (SPOILERS)

We start not with an Amalgam comic, but the book that set the whole thing up:   DC Versus Marvel Comics #1 (1996): "Round One" Written by R…

Started by The Baron

112 Jun 24, 2014
Reply by The Baron

The Baron Re-Reads The X-Statix (SPOILERS)

I thought it might be fun to re-read my favorite Marvel mutants book, and by "my favorite", I mean the only one that I've read much of.   A…

Started by The Baron

60 Jun 24, 2014
Reply by The Baron

The Baron Watches Monty Python's Flying Circus and Tries to Create a Timeline for It

I've always been a big fan of Monty Python's Flying Circus, but given the nature of the show, it struck me as absurd to try to create a "ti…

Started by The Baron

85 Jun 22, 2014
Reply by Emerkeith Davyjack

The Baron Re-Reads the John Arcudi/Tan Eng Huat Doom Patrol (SPOILERS)

Doom Patrol #1 (December 2001): "--Doom Patrol!" Written by John Arcudi, art by Tan Eng Huat As the cover says: "4/5 new! All different!" T…

Started by The Baron

43 Jun 7, 2014
Reply by The Baron

Watching the Godzilla Movies, Part Two: The Heisei Era Films and the Emmerich Film

Contnued from Part One! Gojira (1984)This picture was released in the U.S. in 1985 as Godzilla 1985, and is sometimes known as The Return o…

Started by The Baron

0 Oct 8, 2013


Hello, I've deleted the thread that some of you may have noticed me posting here.  I may try re-posting it in future when I can work out a…

Started by The Baron

2 Oct 2, 2013
Reply by The Baron

Gilligan's Island Timeline

The below is derived from dialogue given in the various episodes of the program. Currently it only covers the history of the island prior t…

Started by The Baron

0 Sep 2, 2013

Fifty Favorite Movies Timeline

As I said once in the My Fifty Favorite Movies thread, I had always intended to try to create a timeline that combined the continuities of…

Started by The Baron

2 Aug 23, 2013
Reply by The Baron

Golden Age JSA Timeline

The following is a timeline derived from my reading of All-Star Comics issues 3 - 57.  Input will be only from the stories in those comics.…

Started by The Baron

12 Aug 20, 2013
Reply by The Baron



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