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A Super-Hero Timeline

Note:  Much as I enjoy working on the Earth-44 timeline, I can imagine that for the casual reader, it may be a bit much to take in, being s…

Started by The Baron

41 Apr 13, 2015
Reply by Luis Olavo de Moura Dantas

A Super-Hero Timeline - Notes

(Continued from A Super-Hero Timeline) Notes: (1)I confess to a fondness for this character, though said fondness does not especially exte…

Started by The Baron

1 Apr 11, 2015
Reply by The Baron

A "Japanese" Timeline

I haven't done a new timeline in awhile, so I thought I'd try one based on Japanese popular culture as I have known it.  Later, I intend to…

Started by The Baron

1 Mar 26, 2015
Reply by The Baron

How Many Comics Will I Buy In A Year?

I thought it would be interesting to track how many comics I buy in a year, starting from today, 3/19/2014 through 3/18/2015. Not a timelin…

Started by The Baron

55 Mar 19, 2015
Reply by The Baron

List of Earth-44 Threads

(As noted in my introductory thread, the Earth-44 timeline started out as an attempt to reconcile the various Superman continuities and jus…

Started by The Baron

25 Feb 26, 2015
Reply by The Baron

The List of One Thousand Super-Villains

Gotta have someone for these folks to fight.  I'm going to try and see how many I can come up with without looking any up. Once I reach tha…

Started by The Baron

16 Feb 13, 2015
Reply by The Baron

"My" Doctor Who Timeline

What I will be attempting is to present a possible timeline for the various Doctor Who stories. Where there is a discrepancy, I will give m…

Started by The Baron

9 Jan 5, 2015
Reply by The Baron

Notes # 3

Continued from Notes #2 (1807)From The Nutty Professor (1996). (1808)From Gekisō Sentai Kārenjā. (1809)From Urutoraman Zeasu (1996). (1…

Started by The Baron

0 Dec 23, 2014

My Fifty Favorite Doctor Who Stories

I saw this book over in the Barnes & Noble's over by the King Kullen, and decided to try my hand at producing such a list myself.  A fe…

Started by The Baron

19 Sep 23, 2014
Reply by The Baron

Futurama Timeline

I've been re-watching this, so I thought I'd try and do a timeline for it. The things in parentheses are the episode titles that I based th…

Started by The Baron

10 Jul 14, 2014
Reply by The Baron



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