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The List of One Thousand Super-Heroes

Thought I'd try re-posting my latest update of this. There's more than a few characters on the list that probably either stretch or exceed…

Started by The Baron

46 Nov 27, 2017
Reply by The Baron

A Guide to the Baron's Favorite Fictional Characters (SPOILERS)

(Hamlet of Earth-1948) Real name: Hamlet, son of Hamlet Aliases/Other Names: None,. First Appearance: The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of…

Started by The Baron

529 Nov 18, 2017
Reply by The Baron

The Earth-44 Timeline, Appendix Fifteen: A Brief History of the Ghostbusters

The original Ghost Busters were a team of paranormal detectives, which operated for a few years beginning in 1975.  The agency was comprise…

Started by The Baron

0 Nov 11, 2017

The Earth-44 Timeline: the Heroic Age, Part Four

(Continued from The Heroic Age, Part Three)   THE HEROIC AGE, PART FOUR (A.D. 1971 - A.D. 1980) A.D. 1971:  Character Debuts: The Aquaveng…

Started by The Baron

24 Nov 3, 2017
Reply by The Baron

Watching the Godzilla Movies, Part Three: The Millennium Films and Beyond

Continued from Part Two! Gojira ni-sen mireniamu (1999) This film is first of what would come to be called the "Millennium" series of G-f…

Started by The Baron

32 Oct 24, 2017
Reply by Doctor Hmmm?

The Baron Watches Seven "World War Three" Movies (SPOILERS Possible!)

This thread led me to think about all of the various movies I've seen over the years which revolved around "World War Three" happening and…

Started by The Baron

80 Oct 14, 2017
Reply by Richard Willis

The Earth-44 Timeline, Appendix Fourteen: The Legacy of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes was born on January 6, 1854, the second of five children born to Sigurd and Violet (Vernet) Holmes, including older brother…

Started by The Baron

7 Oct 11, 2017
Reply by The Baron

The Timeline of "Possible" Characters - Part One

This is going to be a timeline of characters who, although fictional, could exist in the real world, at least in theory.  there are a few i…

Started by The Baron

125 Sep 28, 2017
Reply by The Baron

The Earth-44 Timeline: The Heroic Age, Part Five

(Continued from The Heroic Age, Part Four)   THE HEROIC AGE, PART FIVE (A.D. 1981 - A.D. 1990) A.D. 1981:  Character Debuts: Andy Renko Bo…

Started by The Baron

3 Sep 23, 2017
Reply by The Baron

The Earth-44 Timeline: The Heroic Age, Part Three

(Continued from The Heroic Age, Part Two)   THE HEROIC AGE, PART THREE (A.D. 1961 - A.D. 1970) A.D. 1961:   Character Debuts: The Atom III…

Started by The Baron

8 Sep 23, 2017
Reply by The Baron



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