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The Turtle Soup Game

Many years ago, I taught folklore at a summer camp(we had new campers each week of different ages, from 8-15). At the time, the folklore cl…

Started by Randy Jackson

1295 59 minutes ago
Reply by MethodEng

The Sixth Doctor, Constance & Flip

I remember when the Sixth Doctor began traveling with Constance Clarke. It seemed like a really good jumping on point to me, however I was…

Started by Jeff of Earth-J

20 4 hours ago
Reply by Jeff of Earth-J

Cocktails & Mixed Drinks

I am going to start this discussion, then take the rest of the week off. I am going to start by talking about Martinis, but you can talk ab…

Started by Jeff of Earth-J

22 4 hours ago
Reply by Jeff of Earth-J

A Cover a Day

Ok, how about this for an idea.  We take it in turns to post a favourite (British spelling) comic cover every day.  This went really well o…

Started by Steve W

10078 4 hours ago
Reply by JD DeLuzio

Doctor Who Reactions: "The Caves of Androzani" (SPOILERS)

1)You know, people complain about Tegan, but I find Peri more irritating,   2)We finally get an explanation for the celery.  Kind of a lame…

Started by The Baron

7 4 hours ago
Reply by The Baron

Three of a Kind

I was looking through some old comics when I thought of a new game. I call it Three of a Kind. Here's my first entry.  Hoy…

Started by Hoy Murphy

291 5 hours ago
Reply by Doctor Hmmm?

Deck Log Entry # 227 The Silver-Age Challenge---the Legion of Super-Heroes Edition II . . . Answers!

I expected a Legion quiz to get a robust response, and you fellows didn't disappoint.  Lots of lively speculation on the possible right ans…

Started by Commander Benson

12 12 hours ago
Reply by Fraser Sherman

Need some help on Captain Triumph

Howdy! This post should properly be on my thread about writing my book, but I've spent 20 minutes looking and I can't find it. I spend a LO…

Started by Captain Comics

5 23 hours ago
Reply by Captain Comics

The Sixth Doctor's Companions

I’ve been watching the “Trial of a Time Lord” season of Doctor Who, listening to audio adventures of the Sixth Doctor, and trying to figure…

Started by Jeff of Earth-J

12 yesterday
Reply by Jeff of Earth-J

The Earth-44R Timeline: An Experiment

As most of you know, the Earth-44 Timeline is something I've been working on for years. However, I has always seemed to me that it is kind…

Started by The Baron

21 yesterday
Reply by The Baron



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