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Silver Sightings: Justice League's Nightmare Island

I first read Justice League of America #40 (N'65) "Indestructible Creatures of Nightmare Island!" by Gardner Fox, Mike Sekowsky and Bernard…

Started by Philip Portelli

8 Jun 30, 2014
Reply by Luke Blanchard

Silver Sightings: Gold Key's STAR TREK #1

In honor of Star Trek Into Darkness, I wish to discuss Gold Key's Star Trek #1 (Jl'67) which I read as part of Golden Press' Star Trek: The…

Started by Philip Portelli

8 Apr 1, 2014
Reply by Emerkeith Davyjack

Baron Zemo: Stuck on Himself?

While going through Marvel's Book of the Dead--2004, I came across one of the few super-villains with the good taste to stay dead: the orig…

Started by Philip Portelli

21 Mar 29, 2014
Reply by Fred W. Hill

Brave & Bold's Mission Omissions

During the Silver Age, Batman teamed with the majority of DC's solo heroes but not all. Here are some puzzling omissions: 5) Supergirl--des…

Started by Philip Portelli

44 Feb 25, 2014
Reply by Wandering Sensei: Moderator Man

Silver Sightings: Flash of TWO Worlds!

This is one of the most reprinted Flash stories of the Silver Age. It's probably one of the most reprinted Silver Age stories period. It's…

Started by Philip Portelli

49 Jan 20, 2014
Reply by Philip Portelli

Silver Sightings: The Composite Superman

Over at Mister Silver Age's 12 Questions thread, Kirk G asked about the Composite Superman which inspired me suddenly to do write about Wor…

Started by Philip Portelli

42 Apr 29, 2013
Reply by Mr. Silver Age

Silver Sightings: Doctor Doom and Mister Namor

I was going through my Tabloid collection, and a lot of them are in bad shape, but one I remember fondly was Marvel Treasury Edition #2 (D'…

Started by Philip Portelli

65 Feb 3, 2013
Reply by Kirk G

Silver Sightings: The Flash Running Hot AND Cold!

When I started searching for back issues at yard sales and flea markets as a youngster, I bought DC Special #14 (O'71) which was the second…

Started by Philip Portelli

13 Aug 18, 2012
Reply by Mr. Silver Age

Secrets of the Justice League or What Didn't They Tell Each Other?

Beyond the whole "secret identity" thing which some members shared while others didn't, what did the Silver Age JLA heroes keep to themselv…

Started by Philip Portelli

30 Jul 18, 2012
Reply by Philip Portelli

Silver Sightings: The Hulk Vs Boomerang???

As I mentioned before, the first solo Hulk story I read in Marvel Super-Heroes #36 (My'73) which reprinted Tales To Astonish #81 (Jl'66). I…

Started by Philip Portelli

1 Apr 25, 2012
Reply by Henry R. Kujawa



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