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I've only read two comics in 2012 and have a few more waiting for me. Fatale by Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips will be in the running for best new series.


The categories are:

Best Writer

Best Artist

Most Underrated Writer

Most Underrated Artist

Best Self-Contained Story (Single Issue or One-Shot)

Best Story Arc

Best Limited Series

Best Ongoing Series

Best New Title

Most Underrated Title

Best Original Graphic Novel

Best Web Comic

Best Reprint or Archive

Best Male Character

Best Female Character

Best Villain

Best New Character

Best Supporting Character

Best Team

Biggest Surprise (in-story)

Best Cover

Best Single Panel

Best Fight Scene

Best Character Recovery

Best Superhero Story in Another Media

RIP Award (for fictional characters)

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That's one.  BKV's Saga is another. 

Jason Marconnet said:

Manhattan Projects by Jonathan Hickman for best new series.

A few notes I've made I wanted to add here...

Best fight: Punisher vs Elektra in Punishermax. This may have actually occurred at the tail end of last year, but after the 2011 Cappies had already started. I'll fight Chris about later if I have to     ;)

Best cover:  Thunderbolts #170

Best mini: Dark Matter

Best original graphic novel: Athos in America by Jason

Another one for best original graphic novel: My Friend Dahmer by Derf. Creepy and bone chilling. Derf great expanded the comic he did years ago and includes copious amounts of notes in the back.

The New Deadwardians has a pretty strong start. I don't know how many limited series I'll be reading this year, but of those I've finished or begun so far (Legion: Secret Origin, Star Trek/Legion, Night Force), it's the strongest of the bunch.

Then again, Fatale is also a limited series... but one of indeterminate length, so who knows where that would fall?

Then again, Fatale is also a limited series... but one of indeterminate length, so who knows where that would fall?

That makes it an ongoing.  It's a limited series if they announce the end at the same time as the beginning, whether that's 4 issues (most minis), 12 issues (Avengers vs. X-Men) or even 52 (52).  If they say that they have an ending in mind but there's no set final issue, as was the case for something like DMZ, then it's not a limited series.

(just looked it up- Fatale was announced as a 12-issue series so it definitely qualifies for limited series)

It was announced as a 12-issue  limited series, but Brubaker has since said that as he's written it, he now knows it'll run longer. But yeah, when push comes to shove, I'd call it a limited series regardless.

For consideration, Best Single Panel: last page of Batman # 7.

Avenging Spider-Man #5 - this week's tribute to Cap's comic artist career and to the late Joe Simon.  Also a great story about how Peter and Steve were both geeks in their younger days and bonding over it.

For Best Cover consideration: Star Trek/Legion of Super-heroes (IDW/DC) issue 5, Cover A by Phil Jimenez.

That image is SO classic James T. Kirk!

I probably won't forget, but 3 issues in, I think it's safe to say that I'll be considering Saga for Best New Title. Earth 2 also comes to mind, if it remains as strong as this second issue, once it got down to business with the main cast. Biggest surprise (in-story) might be the person Michael Holt meets on his arrival on Earth 2. Totally didn't see that coming.

And I'll probably want to remember Resident Alien in the limited series category, too. 

My nominations have slowed down a bit, but only because it's easier to make the cut in January or February than it is in June or July. In other words, the farther into the year, the harder it becomes to get nominated. Having said that, though, if Berni Wrightson's new Frankenstein Alive, Alive! series from IDW doesn't win in some catagory I will lose all faith in humanity.

I'm not necessarily nominating things; just trying to remember awesome stuff that I might want to nominate. For example, the New Deadwardians cover in today's solicitation is hilarious and worth considering for that alone:

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