It's the first week of 2013 -- when better to start remembering the great comics this year will bring? Have at!

The categories are:

Best Writer

Best Artist

Most Underrated Writer

Most Underrated Artist

Best Self-Contained Story (Single Issue or One-Shot)

Best Story Arc

Best Limited Series

Best Ongoing Series

Best New Title

Most Underrated Title

Best Original Graphic Novel

Best Web Comic

Best Reprint or Archive

Best Male Character

Best Female Character

Best Villain

Best New Character

Best Supporting Character

Best Team

Biggest Surprise (in-story)

Best Cover

Best Single Panel

Best Fight Scene

Best Character Recovery

Best Superhero Story in Another Media

Best Comic Book Adaptation from Another Media

RIP Award (for fictional characters)

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Well, maybe it's stretching the boundaries of "Best Single Panel" more than your average spread, but this 9-page spread in Flash is a pretty singular achievement.

Yeah, not single panel. But it may make for an interesting bet single issue nom.
Ps. Thanks for getting this thread started.

A little early maybe but Amazing Spider-Man #700 should not be forgotten when it comes to nominate Best Single Issue. 

To commemorate this thread getting promoted to the topline, my biggest surprise so far this year (I’ll keep it spoiler-free for now): The end of Conan the Barbarian #12, and learning what “The Death” signifies.

Maybe too early but I kinda liked the first issue of Superior Spider-man. Could be in the running for best new series.

At the very least, it's probably a good idea to remember that Superior Spider-Man, which will probably have 18-24 issues out by the end of the year, is a *new* series!

Also, as a personal marker so I don't look back too far for next year's:

DC New 52 books numbered 16 and up are eligible (aside from a few week 4 books, like All-Star Western and Flash, that started at 15); "Younger" New 52 books start at 8 in 2013, or #4 for wave 3. Threshhold is a new book.

Saga 9 is the first issue of 2013; that might be worth knowing, too. And Conan 12.

It'll be hard to top the Invincible vs. Dinosaurus battle royale in Invincible #99 for Best Fight Scene.  It's a classic all-splash page issue, like Thor vs. the Midgard Serpent and Superman vs. Doomsday. 

I'd completely forgotten about The Black Beetle on my "This Week's Comics" roundup until now... but here's what I wrote:

Also, I forgot The Black Beetle: No Way Out, Francesco Francavilla's pulp-hero miniseries from Dark Horse. There was a short adventure in Dark Horse Presents (reprinted in issue 0), but this first issue is the start of the major storyline. The art is gorgeous, the layouts vivid and energetic, and the story exciting. It's only January, but I suspect this will be a contender for miniseries of the year when the Cappies roll around again. Definitely check it out,

Black Beetle is expertly done, by a talent that's still on the rise. I should probably consider this for best mini at the end of the year, and Francavilla is a great contender for best underrated artist, too.

THE BLACK BEETLE: I came to this thread today specifically to nominate The Black Beetle for… something, I don’t know what. There are several categories for which it might qualify. Best Limited Series? Best New Character? Most Underrated title? Let us not forget Best Single Panel or Splash page, for which issue #1 alone may qualify for four times (p.1, pp. 8-9, pp. 16-17, p. 22).

I’ll tell you, I wasn’t looking to add a new title, but it was a light week and issue #1 jumped out at me. I would recommend it to anyone who liked the various recent Rocketeer limited series.

DARK SHADOWS #12: (Possible nominee for “Biggest Surprise”)

No spoilers here; we’ll have to see how it plays out. I wouldn’t want to nominate anything that turns out to be “just a dream” or some cop-out like that. But this one has potential. Every year I latch on to a different category I’ve tended to forget in past Cappies and keep it in front of my mind throughout the year, and I think this year it’s going to be this one.

THE HIGH WAYS: (Possible nominee for “Most Underrated Title”)

I’m guessing that this series will be “underrated”; it’s by John Byrne, but his name attached to a title doesn’t seem to command the circulation figures it once did. I was just getting into John Byrne’s Trio when it came to an abrupt (temporary?) end, so I don’t know if this series is supposed to be a mini or an on-going or what. I’ll tell you what I like about it, though: it depicts space travel much as it actually would be like. There are too few futuristic comic books (or movies, or TV shows, for that matter) which even make the effort to interject real science into their depictions of space travel.

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