In previous years, this was a memory box so we didn't miss any good nominations for the Cappies. With the Cappies hypertimed away, that doesn't mean we have to discontinue these threads. I've always liked going back at the end of the year and seeing the books and stories and moments that people really champion -- including plenty of stuff that I've forgotten about come Christmastime. 

So have at it, Legionnaires! It's a bold new year! What in 2017 has knocked you out?

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Saw that in the store, held off on picking it up. Considering I got the first one in the cheapie bin at B & N, and the second one at a used bookstore in Texas, I figure I'll wait and see if the third one turns up on the cheap anywhere.

Jeff of Earth-J said:


I forgot to mention it, but the third in Jon Morris’s “Regrettable” series (following The League of Regrettable Superheroes and The League of Regrettable Supervillains) shipped yesterday, too. From what I have read so far, it is just as entertaining as the other two.

Shipping today:

AQUAMAN: THE SEARCH FOR MERA: One thing about superhero movies: they bring about reprints such as this one.

SUPERMAN—THE SILVER AGE SUNDAYS, Vol. 1: This collection follows several volumes “Golden Age Sundays” and “Atomic Age Sundays” published by IDW and collects Sunday pages from 1959-1963. I complain (a lot) about DC not releasing collections of Superman comic books from the ‘60s and ‘70s, but the truth is, I’m several volumes behind reading the Sunday comic strips. I always have a volume in my reading table, and when I finish one I move on to the next, but I don’t always read them (not every day, I mean). I must make a point to catch up soon.

CREEPY ARCHIVES Vol. 27: Here’s another always in my reading table. At one point I was up to volume six or seven, but I forgot where I left off and started over. Currently I’m back up to volume three or four, I think.

I've had that Aquaman hardcover on preorder from Amazon for about a year. I like to order early to catch all the price variances, and make sure I get the lowest one. 

All of these shipped yesterday…

GOLDEN AGE BATMAN OMNIBUS v6: Reprints Detective Comics #133-153, Batman #46-55 and World’s Finest #33-42. This volume also marks my official switch from “Archive” to “Omnibus” format, leaving Batman #38-45 unrepresented in my collection. (I decided Omnibus v5 wasn’t worth the price for only eight issues uncollected in Archive format.)

WAID & WIERINGO FF OMNIBUS: Not my favorite run, but well-deserving of inclusion in my collection.

MU BY JOHN BYRNE OMNIBUS v2: Collecting odds and ends, one-offs, and short runs (such as Iron Fist, Marvel Two-In-One, and Starbrand. Oddly, this edition sports a Walter Simonson cover.

PRE-POPEYE THIMBLE THEATRE: How could I pass this up? E.C. Segar is not a great writer, but he more than makes up for that deficiency with his unbridled enthusiasm. Seminal work from a highly influential cartoonist.

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