In previous years, this was a memory box so we didn't miss any good nominations for the Cappies. With the Cappies hypertimed away, that doesn't mean we have to discontinue these threads. I've always liked going back at the end of the year and seeing the books and stories and moments that people really champion -- including plenty of stuff that I've forgotten about come Christmastime. 

So have at it, Legionnaires! It's a bold new year! What in 2017 has knocked you out?

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Here are three things that shipped yesterday:

SHAZAM! – THE WORLD’S MIGHTIEST MORTAL: A collection of issues #1-18 of DC’s 1973 Shazam! series with an introduction by Jerry Ordway.

LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT: MICHEAL GOLDEN: collects Batman #295, 303, Batman Family #15-20, DC Special Series #15, Detective Comics #482, Batman Special #1, Gotham Knights #22 and a Michael Golden cover gallery. Now if DC would only see fit to release the Michael Golden Demon story that led into the Ditko series (on high quality paper stock) I’d be happy.

KIRBY IS… FANTASTIC!: This is a frikkin’ HUGE collection of some of the best Lee/Kirby FFs and includes an introduction by Marv Wolfman. Here are the issues you get:

#4 – Sub-Mariner

#12 – Hulk

#25-26: Hulk vs. Thing rematch, then “The Avengers Take Over!”

#52-53: Black Panther

#66-67: Him!

Annual #6: Annihilus, Negative Zone, birth of Franklin Richards

#84-87: Dr. Doom

These shipped yesterday:


SWAMP MONSTERS: This is a collection of pre-code horror comics from Craig Yoe Books. Fans of the genre will remember his similar collection spotlighting mummies from last year.

FAR SIDE OF MOON: APOLLO 11: This is “The Story of Apollo 11’s Third Man,” Michael Collins. I haven’t read it yet, but from what I have seen it’s chock full of facts presented in a straightforward, clear and simple style with illustrations. It’s not written to children, but children as well as adults should enjoy it. With the anniversary of the Moon landing coming up, you should keep an eye out for this one in you’re interested.

A hardcover collection of J.M. DeMatteis & John J. Muth's Moonshadow shipped yesterday, too. I ordered mine from Amazon, so it'll come a few weeks from now (comic shops get a head start), but I'm really looking forward to revisiting that series. 

Today is a good day for comic strip collections:

For Better or for Worse v3

Rip Kirby v11

The Phantom v16

Also (as mentioned elsewhere), the final volume of Creepy Archives comes out today.

I got the first three volumes of For Better or for Worse, and have preordered the fourth. Beautiful hardback replacements for my jumbled multi-size paperback collections, which were B&W. For anyone who doesn't know the strip, it follows a Canadian family (loosely based on that of the writer/artist, Lynn Johnston) who age in real time. Kids grow up, grandparents and dogs die, etc, mostly with a humorous leaning. It's low-key, but a lot better than it is given credit for.

Last week the latest volume of The Complete Dick Tracy shipped (reprinting strips from 1971-72).

This week, Prince Valiant v19 (1973-74) and Golden Age Superman Omni v6.

MARVEL COMICS #1 HC: If no one else reviews this specific edition, I probably will at some point.

SNOW, GLASS, APPLES: A hardcover adaptation of Snow White by Neil Gaiman and Colleen Doran told from the Queen’s POV. What are you waiting for?

KIRBY RETURNS KING-SIZE HC: Three or four issues apiece from Black Panther, Captain America, Machine Man and Devil Dinosaur. Joe Quesada put it best: “It took Hollywood and the world of special effects nearly 70 years to even come close to achieving on screen what poured effortlessly out of Jack Kirby on a daily basis.”



MARVEL MASTERS OF SUSPENSE v1 (Stan Lee and Steve Ditko)

TALES OF THE BATMAN - GERRY CONWAY - VOL. 3: I didn't start reading Batman until Crisis on Infinite Earths, maybe just a little before. Then I began acquiring backissues, concentrating on early appearances of Jason Todd. I have probably fewer than half of the issues reprinted in this volume, but I didn't read most of them. 

MMW DAZZLER: This isn't out yet, but it's solicited in the latest Previews. Ugh. I could think of many more worthy titles I'd rather see reprinted in "Masterworks" format. I love the convenience of the Masterworks, but Dazzler? Really? 

Jeff of Earth-J said:

TMMW DAZZLER: This isn't out yet, but it's solicited in the latest Previews. Ugh. I could think of many more worthy titles I'd rather see reprinted in "Masterworks" format. I love the convenience of the Masterworks, but Dazzler? Really? 

I think I read something recently that said Dazzler would be in one of the newly-announced streaming shows. If so, that's probably why.

All of these shipped yesterday:

ANIMAL FARM GN: A beautifully illustrated adaptation in hardcover for only $22. The text is Orwell’s.

LOAC ESSENTIALS HC v13: A year’s worth of Charlie Chan dailies.

THE WALKING DEAD v16: Final volume!

JOHN BYRNE SPIDER-MAN OMNI: There’s so much in this one from so many years that it’s hard to decide where to shelve it.

MARVEL HORROR OMNI: More about this one in the “Marvel and DC Golden, Silver and Bronze Age Collections” discussion. (This one will get shelved with two volumes of Lee/Kirby “Monsters,” two volumes of Lee/Ditko “Suspense,” and DC “Hose of Mystery/Secrets.”


Also a Hard Case Crime edition of the first volume of Ms. Tree stories!

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