I can't believe we've gone this long without starting a beer thread. I enjoyed the one on the old board and actually tried some of the beverages that were liked by others.

I've discovered that I really like Sam Adams Oktoberfest. I've never enjoyed the Boston Lager but this Oktoberfest is good stuff. I also finally tried Yeungling Black & Tan. Also very good.

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There was a time (6-7 years ago?) when it seemed just about every bar around here had Fireman's 4 on tap. I always thought it was okay, but there was always something else I liked better.

Jeff of Earth-J said:

DALE’S PALE ALE: Still on my quest for a light (in color) brew that is not an IPA, I tried Dale’s Pale Ale. Whereas I have certainly had it before, I didn’t remember it so it was almost like trying a new beer. I could see this being my fall back brew for the next little while. It’s brewed by the Oskar Blues Brewery in Austin, TX. Oddly, it is described on the label as “Mountain Pale Ale.” There are no mountains in Austin last time I checked, but I will be going there again this coming weekend and will take another look.

Tim mentioned Fosters Lager a couple of posts back...? Dale's Pale Ale reminds me of Fosters Premium Ale (the one in the green oil can).

FIREMANS 4 BLANDE ALE: Again, another one I’ve tried before and forgotten, and again, another Texas Brew (from the real Ale Brewing Company in Blanco, TX). I thought it had a funny aftertaste, like a non-alcoholic brew (and, yes, I have tried non-alcoholic beverages before).

"Fireman's Blande Ale"? There's a Freudian typo (to coin a phrase).

After having now seen Star Trek: Discovery, I get it now.
PowerBook Pete, the Mad Mod said:

I tried one a few weeks back. I didn't really care for it and won't be buying it again.

I couldn’t decide what I wanted so I tasked Tracy with surprising me.

REAL HEAVY SCOTCH ALE: This is from the Real Ale Brewing company and, like the label says, it’s “real heavy.” (Tracy leans toward the stouts herself.) Not my usual brew, but I asked for something different.

WINTERSTELLAR WINTER WARMER ALE: This is from the Armadillo Ale works and is brewed with dark brown sugar.

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