I can't believe we've gone this long without starting a beer thread. I enjoyed the one on the old board and actually tried some of the beverages that were liked by others.

I've discovered that I really like Sam Adams Oktoberfest. I've never enjoyed the Boston Lager but this Oktoberfest is good stuff. I also finally tried Yeungling Black & Tan. Also very good.

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Sam Adam's Winter lager= two thumbs up from this beer drinker
Jason Marconnet (Lime_Coke) said:
Sam Adam's Winter lager= two thumbs up from this beer drinker

I had one of those last week, and I found it pretty good as well. I've been drinking a bit of Red Hook ESB lately. I always forget about it, and then enjoy it when I see it again.
I recently tried Shiner Holiday Cheer beer, and I thought it was pretty tasty. There was one flavor to it that I couldn't quite place, but once I read the label I knew that was it, it had a subtle peach taste to it. I really thought it worked here as it wasn't overpowering at all.
About a year ago, a six pack of my favorite holiday brew (Winter's Bourbon Cask Ale) sent me to a doc-in-the-box with a flair up of gout. I've since learned that the build-up of acid is cumulative, though, and I can remain pain free as long as I drink in moderation. I saw, bought and drank a six of WBCA this past weekend with no ill effects. Oddly, it's brewed by Michelob now, not A-B as in years past. Same exact beer, same exact lable, different brewer. Still good, though. It's seasonal, though, so you'de better try some (if you can find some) while you've got the chance!
Jeff, Michelob is owned by A-B. Interesting that the package says Michelob now, though. I toured A-B when I was in St. Louis, I don't know if they brew the Michelob beers there but it is part of the A-B family of beers now
Perhaps Anhauscher-busch is off-putting to the beer connossoir? Don't they make the Non-Czech watery taste-lite Budweiser?

There is a low-carb beer here in Australia which is doing very well called Pure Blonde. You have to peer very closely at just the right spot on the label to discern that it is in fact made by Foster's.

They obviously decided that a connection in the buyers mind between the Foster's brand (much derided here in Australia) and their new beer would be bad for the marketing.
That Winter's Bourbon Cask Ale reminds me of a beer I used to drink in a Scottish bar in London. In Scotland they make a delicious beer that is stored in what were previously bourbon casks: Innis and Gunn (6.6%). (according to the site, the did it first?) They are lovely, with the slight flavour and sweetness of the bourbon coming through, but you are in fact drinking whiskey with your beer and there's a bit of a follow-up headache the next day.

Oddly, there is a customs border of sorts between England and Scotland, and although the beer is fine to serve in a Scottish bar, the last I heard English customs were threatening to tax it as a Whiskey product - ie very highly.

Sassanach killjoys.
I saw that beer at the store the other day Jeff. I was tempted to buy it until I saw who made it. If I see it again I may try it at your recommendation, so if it sucks I blame you. Photobucket
I was tempted to buy it until I saw who made it.


Perhaps Anhauscher-busch is off-putting to the beer connossoir

See me?

Always thinking!

Always drinking!

And given A-B's notorious track record flogging other companies world-beating beers as their own, they most probably ripped off the recipe from Innis and Gunne too.
I'm drinking an unusual seasonal beer right now: Kennebunkport Pumpkin Ale (Trader Joe's carries it). It really does taste of pumpkin, but it's not overpowering. An interesting change of pace. I don't want to drink it all year, but I'll buy some more next year if it comes around again.
Figs, you pretty much nailed it about A-B and beer connoisseurs. For me personally, their entire Budweiser line doesn't agree with me. Let's just say you would want to stay upwind after I've had a few.
I know Michelob is owned by A-B, and the think the switch is definitely for purposes of "branding" (or whatever you want to call it). To use a comic book analogy, it's not like a title went from DC to Marvel, more like from DC to the Vertigo imprint.

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