As we are about to embark one the next box of my unread comics, I would like to thank all of you who come to read and/or comment on these threads. When I first started this project back in July 2006  (really?) on the old board I never thought I would even make it through the first box. The threads have helped keep me semi-honest here.

I'm pretty excited about this upcoming box. It is a very eclectic mix of comics. There are a bunch of my old standbys. Like Legion comics, Daredevil, Marvel Team-up, war comics. There is a ton of other stuff like '80s black and white comics, some Kirby, a touch of Vertigo. I don't know how much will inspire me to write about, and if it does others to comment, but I am looking forward to it.

I'm really stoked to have you with me. Let's get it on!

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I am a Kirby fan but I don't much like his work from the period (post-New Gods, pre-return to Marvel). I haven't read this or the previous issue, but that other introduced the fear-monster that appeared in Saga of Swamp Thing ##26-27.

I have the first issue as well, but that is just your standard intro story. Pretty forgettable also.

Luke Blanchard said:

I am a Kirby fan but I don't much like his work from the period (post-New Gods, pre-return to Marvel).

Fair enough. My personal opinion is that the cancellation of the “Fourth World” took the wind out of his sail and he stopped trying to produce epic comics. That’s not to say he didn’t do his best to produce entertaining comics, but I don’t think he set his sights as high with The Demon, Kamandi, OMAC, et al.

The Flash #326

Oct. 1983

Cover art by: Carmine Infantino

Story: Shame in Scarlet!

Writer: Cary Bates

Pencils: Carmine Infantino

Inks: Gary Martin

Man I love that cover. Just a great!

Flash is turning himself in to the Central City police for killing the Reverse-Flash when Weather Wizard makes a break for it after being arrested himself. The Flash easily recaptures the felon, and he is taken into the bowels of the jail. Oddly, it appears the men and women are jailed in the same area, and the Flash doesn't have any cuffs on. Then again cuffs really wouldn't do much good on him.

The next day the Flash is released on his own recognizance (holy cow I actually spelled that right!). The Scarlet Speedster is now sulking in the apartment of Barry Allen. Angry that he had to let Barry disappear, while he tries to deal the mess his life has become. In his anger he wrecks the apartment and causes a loud racket, as you might guess when done at super speed. A pair of his neighbors hear the noise. They open the door and see the destruction. They wonder is it has anything to do with Barry's disappearance. The neighbors are never named. That annoyed me.

The Crimson Comet ends up at the hospital after cutting his hands really bad stopping a crime. It was an automobile crashing into a window avoiding a kid who was chasing a robber. In the hospital his (ex?) fiancée Fiona Webb “senses” Barry and leaps out of her wheelchair to find him.

A pretty entertaining fast paced (heh-heh) story. I was never a big fan of Infantino's art growing up, but I do appreciate it more now. I also really dig the full page they gave to Barry's mug shot:

If the neighbours are a black guy and his kid, they're likely Mack and Troy Nathan, who were introduced when Barry moved into the apartment during Don Heck's run on the art. They immediately befriended Barry. Mack worked at S.T.A.R. labs. (That's also the point at which Fiona was introduced, incidentally.)

Ah, thanks, Luke. That was exactly who it was then.

Luke Blanchard said:

If the neighbours are a black guy and his kid, they're likely Mack and Troy Nathan, who were introduced when Barry moved into the apartment during Don Heck's run on the art. They immediately befriended Barry. Mack worked at S.T.A.R. labs. (That's also the point at which Fiona was introduced, incidentally.)

The Flash #10

Mar. 1988

Cover art by: Steve Lightle

Story: Chunk in the Void

Writer: Mike Baron

Pencils: Mike Collins

Inks: Larry Mahlstedt


The Flash has been transported to the uh, I guess other dimension that resides in the singularity that is in Chunk. Chunk sent him there last issue, after getting ticked off at Wally. Wally meets some of the other people that Chunk has inhaled, and a number have been there for years. Some, for so long they don't even know how long it has been. I liked the part were one refugee asks The Flash how his trial went, and he replied, “That wasn't me[...]You've been here for years! What do eat?” He learns that they eat some sort of flying lizard like creature. Wally is disgusted. I also liked the offenses the people committed to earn Chunk's wrath by being sent there. Turn him down for a date, cutting him off in traffic, and one guy who doesn't even know for sure. “I guess he didn't like my shirt!”


There are also a number of real criminals who live in the dimension. Flash and Chunk's old therapist (Dr. Parker) are attacked by a trio of them, Tom, Dick, and Harry (ouch!). Flash defeats them and Eric Gunderson, the leader of the non-criminals, realizes what an asset Wally would be in shifting power between the clans. He already knew who The Flash was, why did he have to see him in action before he realized how great having a super-hero on his team would be?


Well, on this world there is a yacht, and on that yacht rests another singularity. This is the item that Chunk has to continually feed with dense materials to keep from imploding. The Flash decides he will try to appeal to Chunk, in to freeing the people trapped there. The doctor warns him not to remind him about his obesity. The Flash’s appeal to Chunk works when he sees how much Wally has to eat in order to stay alive with his accelerated metabolism. Chunk doesn't know how he will get the others back, but Wally knows. Finally, Chunk gives Wally a deadline (20 minutes) to get the people he wants freed back at the yacht. Chunk won't free the real criminals.


Wally runs to the outcasts he was staying with, but when he arrives they are in the midst of the raid from the outlaws. They have banded together to wipe them out, and take the women. Which there is a short supply of. Flash refuses to use a bow and arrow against the attackers. Eric says he is useless. What? He is The Flash, the fastest human alive. He can do so much more that any bow and arrow could dream of. I was able to accept everything else in this book, but this? No way.  Chunk comes into the melee, telling Wally that he waited to long.


Outside of that last little bit of Wally being “useless”. I liked this issue a lot. Chunk is one of those great tertiary characters who doesn't get used enough if you ask me. The art by Collins and Mahlstedt is fine. Nothing spectacular, but nothing bad either.

The thing that always disappointed me about this run of ADVENTURE COMICS was seeing the beautiful Curt Swan/George Klein covers on the spinner rack, buying a copy, taking it home, opening it up and seeing - Jim Mooney. I loved his work on SUPERGIRL, but his LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES always left me a little cold.

I wouldn't say Mooney's art is my favorite, but I did like his run in Adventure Comics.


As for THE FLASH, I was never really crazy about Cary Bates (I wasn't big on his SUPERMAN, either) OR Mike Baron. Give Me John Broome, Gardner Fox, Mark Waid, and Geoff Johns every time! I also like Mark Millar, but somehow I managed (I was probably broke) to miss his run on the title. Okay, that's enough bitching outta Me for one day, hopefully I can be more positive on the next go-round.

Like Infantino's art I've come to appreciate Bates' writing on The Flash as I've gotten older. When I first read it I was a teenager, and I thought it was terribly boring. Mark Waid is probably my favorite Flash scribe (at least his initial long run).

I missed most of Mike Baron's tenure on the book just an issue here or there, so that is why I dipped my toes more into it here. I've liked what I read so far. With characters like Chunk and the Kapitalist Kouriers. Did you read or enjoy it when William Messner-Loebs took over?



I won't be insulted if you don't like what I like. We're all different, and as someone much smarter than me once said, "it would be a pretty boring world if we all liked the same thing." Something like that.

Yeah it was Jason Aaron on Punisher Max. Which is one my favorite runs on the character. He also just wrapped up his Scalped series for Vertigo which I liked quite a bit.

The Flash #29
Aug. 1989
Cover art by: Grant Miehm & Paul Fricke

Story: Casablanca Nights
Writer: Len Strazewski
Pencils: Grant Miehm
Inks: Paul Fricke

This story takes place during The Flash's membership in Justice League Europe. The Flash is being hassled by his mom, and he decides to jump in a Justice League teleporter, and head to Paris. He doesn't make it to Paris, but ends up in Lisbon instead. Knowing nothing about Lisbon, Wally instantly decides it is too boring, and asks someone where a place for romance or excitement is. He tells him about Casablanca, so Wally runs over there.

Once he arrives Wally heads on over to Dick's (Not Rick's). He eats some really bad food, and meets Yuri of the Estonian Secret Police. Yuri, informs Wally that Saturday is a discount day for members in the intelligence community. Yuri, also points out Merlyn who is waiting to kill a Russian scientist, and Syonide who has been hired by a criminal cartel to kill an American who is traveling with the scientist. The scientist (who is never named) enters the diner with the American (the new Phantom Lady), and the two villains are about to attack. Not expecting the other killer to be there.

This gives Wally the chance to get back into his Flash costume (he took it off earlier) and save the scientist. Phantom Lady gets into the act to help out as well. Merlyn and Syonide offer huge rewards to whoever can kill their target. The trio make their escape with The Flash peddling them away at super speed on a pedicab. The scientist is a master of ruining food supplies with poison, and makes Wally go to all of these different food stands. It is supposed to be wasn't.

They eventually make it to the airport in an attempt to leav the country. Merlyn and Syonide have decided to team-up during the intervening time. Syonide faces off against Phantom Lady, and quickly finds out that her powered whip is pretty useless against PG's insulated gloves. Merlyn (the archer) is going up against The Flash, and he fares about as well as you would expect against a speedster. Merlyn takes a hostage, but is knocked unconscious by Yuri. He had come to return the scientists briefcase, which contained a bunch of his “recipes”. Wally makes it back home, and goes back to bed. His mom comes into the room, and assumes Wally had been sleeping all day.

This wasn't a horrible comic, but it was a bit too campy for me. Also a number of the jokes just kind of fell flat and weren't funny at all. Like during the fight in the diner the Russian scientist was completely oblivious that there were people trying to kill him. Not the least bit humorous to me. I did think the art fit to story perfectly. Really well done. That kind of sounds like a back-handed compliment, but seriously I did like the art.

I'm real glad you are enjoying the thread, Robin. You can be my guest on the other boxes. I should note only the second and third one are here. The first box was on the old board, and I think that thread only exists now as a text file that I saved off.

Here are the links to the other threads:

Box 2

Box 3

I welcome any and all comments on them that you want to throw out there.

Robin Olsen said:

Here I was feeling all good about myself for getting caught up on this thread when I realized - box #4? Would it cheese you off too much if I backtrack through the first three boxes and comment on them? I'm enjoying this thread IMMENSLY! I'll wait for you to give me the green light, Travis!

Wait a minute!  How can the Challengers afford to have a whole mountain carved out and modified for their HQ?

How do they support themselves?  I know Reed Richards has his patents that support the FF and the top 5 floors of the Baxter Bldg... and I think that Giant Man/Hank has some research grants for his HQ... but the Challs?  Was this ever established?

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