Well here we are to my third box of unread comics. For those who haven't followed, theoretically I read a comic a day of comics I bought and never got around to reading. Some of them going back to the early '90s (well when I bought them I should say). I will review some of those comics. I tried to post one once a week, but I do get lazy. 



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I believe that Roy Thomas was trying to lay a foundation down for an Earth-One Captain Marvel, possibly as Captain Thunder. It was established in SHAZAM! #15 (D'74) that Captain Marvel still had comics published on E-1.

BTW, Travis, I hope that you have some of those SHAZAM! 100 Pagers as they are worth their weight in gold.

I really like the cover to Daredevil #200.  I don't think I have ever seen it before. That look on Bullseye's face is horrific.

Philip, I don't have any of those SHAZAM! 100 pagers. If I have any issues of that series at all it would be like 1 maybe 2 issues.


Jason, good point on that cover. I think Daredevil looks very menacing as well.


Another note on DD. Back in the '80s all of those Frank Miller issues went for a fairly decent price, but all of the ones I reviewed here I got out of 50 cent boxes from my LCS. So there is that.

Yeah, I like the way DD looks on the cover. The cover just works for me. It really invokes a reaction upon initial look. 

Travis Herrick said:


Jason, good point on that cover. I think Daredevil looks very menacing as well.


Hunter-Killer #4

Sept. 2005

Cover art by: Mark Silvestri






Writer: Mark Waid

Pencils: Mark Silvestri

Inks: Joe B. Weems V


Samantha Argent and Ellis are tracking an ultra-sapien child who is causing mass death and destruction in Africa. The child has an aura with a fifty yard radius that kills all life around, and she is invisible until the the moments before a creature dies and then becomes slightly visible. Samantha tasks Ellis with the job of finding the child, as he can duplicate any ultra-sapien's powers, and he will be immune as well. As they formulate their plan they notice a Chinese helicopter in the air, and Samantha shoots it down. The pilot tells them that they have almost no time to rescue the child as they barely beat the other countries flying in people, not to mention the troops moving in on the ground.


Ellis goes to find the child with the hopes that Samantha can slow down their pursuers. As Ellis gets closer he feels the child's powers and turns invisible. He then finds the child, who is a little girl, of course. This is because as they get nearer to each other the more they both turn visible. Samantha had given Ellis a knife earlier to kill the little girl when he found her, but he can't bring himself to do it. He asks Samantha what her “plan B” was to save the child. She snipes the little girl from afar, killing her, and tells Ellis she lied before, she didn't have one. Samantha then tells Ellis she will take him to a near by village and show him every man, woman, and child he just saved.



Perhaps the newest comic to make it into A Comic a Day. Now this, obviously, isn't a comic I normally read, but it was part of a thank you present a from the Hero Initiative for some volunteer work I did. To be completely honest though, this was a pretty good comic. The story was told very well by Mark Waid, and even though I missed the first three issues I got the gist of the story from the comic, and the intro inside the front cover. Mark Silvestri's art was fine. He was always one of my favorites of the original Image founders from back in the day.

Creekers!  That's a grim story. 


Is Ellis named after Warren?  :-)

Karate Kid #2

May-June 1976

Cover art by: Mike Grell


Story: The International Dooms of Major Disaster

Writer: Barry Jameson

Pencils: Ric Estrada

Inks: Joe Staton


Karate Kid meets up with the young lady met met last issue, Iris Jacobs, and he is still trying to convince her that he is truly from the 30th century. She thought it was cute at first, but not any longer. Suddenly, a tidal wave is roaring down the streets of New York City. The Kid grabs Iris and leaves her on the ledge of a nearby building. Soon, Major Disaster come by on what looks to be a metal door sitting on the top of a water spout. Karate Kid jumps on board , but before he can really do anything Major Disaster conjures up a meteor that if coming right at him. Val kicks the meteor destroying it in the process, but it knocks him off of the platform.


He lands in the water tank of a building. Wouldn't you know it: this building just happens to have some of Major Disaster's henchman on top. They shoot at Karate Kid, but he is able to dodge their bullets. Apparently, Disaster only trusts his men with one bullet a piece, so they come in swinging their rifles like clubs at Val. He takes care of the three goon with ease.


Meanwhile, Major Disaster has taken over a building and he demand the UN vacate their headquarters in the US or he has vowed to cause massive destruction. The bad Major has been hired by a nationalist (racist) group called “America for Americans” to do all of this. They tell him to go ahead with his plans of destruction. He juices up the machine and it causes a massive earthquake, and rips up the street Val and Iris are now on. Karate Kid gets out of the taxi, and see energy emanating from the building Major Disaster is holed up in.


Val manages to get up to the balcony that Major Disaster is on, and they fight for a bit, and then MD really cranks up his machine. To 11 I guess. Val bounds down to the pavement, and outruns the destructive energy the machine creates. He then kicks the ground at just the precise moment to send the energy back towards Major Disaster and his machine. Destroying the machine and the building he is in.



Wow, not a very good comic. The final straw was when Karate Kid kicked the destructive energy back towards Major Disaster. For someone who came to the 20th century because he didn't have any super powers, he sure has seemed to develop some. Kicking the meteor out of the sky was bad enough...


Probably my first comic with spray paint on it.


I give it 1 ½ black belts

Apparently, "Barry Jameson" was David Michelinie.

Legion of Super-heroes #269

November 1980

Cover art by: Dick Giordano



Story: Who Shall Name the Dark Man?

Writer: Gerry Conway

Pencils: Jimmy Janes

Inks: Frank Chiaramonte


It is time for Earth to elect a new president. The way it works in the 30th century for this particular issue it goes like this: a computer selects three candidates. Those three candidates have one day to campaign, and then the people elect their leader. Colossal Boy is shocked to see that his mother is one of the candidates. Mon-El and Shadow Lass are bored I guess and fly off for some alone time.


Meanwhile in the outer reaches of space two corrupt UP border guards board a spaceship. One of them brings a device to a being called the Dark Man. The Dark Man kills that dude, and allows the other guard to escape.


Now we have Mon-El and Shadow Lass taking a stroll along a beach. A meteor crashes in the water, and out walks Validus. He grabs Shadow Lass before she can escape. Mon-El attempts to fly to her rescue, but he is knocked unconscious by the Persuader's atomic axe. Shadow Lass finally frees herself, and tries to fly off with Mon-El, but she is recaptured by the Emerald Empress inside a green sphere. The trio leave with their prisoners. Timber Wolf is on monitor duty, but the warning from Mon-El and Shadow Lass comes in an hour after they sent it. He goes off to find them on his own.


Wildfire, Princess Projectra, Shrinking Violet and Colossal Boy are at CB's parents house to celebrate his mother's candidacy. Gim's dad asks to talk to him outside, and their discussion is interrupted by an attack by Mano. Colossal Boy and Projectra team-up to subdue Mano, at least temporarily. Then Tharok attacks. He knocks out Shrinking Violet and Projecta quickly. He then grabs Shrinking Violet and flees. Mano recovers and destroys the floor the remaining Legionnaire's are on, this allows him to make is own escape.



It is a Fatal Five appearance, so you know I am in. The whole election process here seems a little silly. As the candidates get one day to campaign, and that is all the electorate has to go on to vote for their president. Geez, the election of a new Legion leader goes on longer than that.


A decent story. Gerry Conway does a pretty good job here. The art left a lot to be desired, it just wasn't working for me. You know I just noticed Lightning Lad on the cover, and I don't know if he is even in the comic. Okay just double checked he does appear in the first couple of pages. Kind of a cheat if you ask me.


I give it 78 Stanley nickels.

The Fatal Five are the baddest team in comics. They take out the Legion of Super-Villains, the Frightful Four, the Masters of Evil (all versions) and the Secret Society of Super-Villains! What evil fivesome compares to them!

But now that I think about it, there was a parallel between them and the original Masters.

Tharok = Zemo

The Emerald Empress = the Enchantress

The Persuader = the Executioner

Mano = the Radioactive Man

Validus could be a Hulk analog which is better than being one for the Melter!

The Fatal Five might be my favorite super villain group. They might be analogous to the Masters of Evil, but the Five's costumes are better.


Luke, thanks for the info on Michelinie

Marvel Premiere #30

June 1976

Cover art by: Jack Kirby



Story: Hey, Ma! They're Blitzin' The Bronx!

Writer: Roy Thomas

Pencils: Don Heck

Inks: Vince Colletta


The Liberty Legion fights the mind-controlled Invaders. They outnumber the Invaders 9-3 and still can only manage a stand still..


Somehow this was a pretty boring story, with boring fights. The most interesting part was the text page detailing the origins of the Liberty Legion. Also quite a collection of awful costumes...woof


For posterity, their members:

The Patriot

The Whizzer

Miss America

The Thin Man

Red Raven

The Blue Diamond

Jack Frost


Bucky and Toro boosted the team to 9 in this issue.


I give it 1/32 of a star.

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