Ok, how about this for an idea.  We take it in turns to post a favourite (British spelling) comic cover every day.  This went really well on the comic fan website that I used to frequent.  What we tried to do was find a theme or subject and follow that, until we all got bored with that theme.  I'd like to propose a theme of letters of the alphabet. So, for the remainder of October (only 5 days) and all of November, we post comic cover pictures associated with the letter "A".  Then in December, we post covers pertaining to the letter "B".  The association to the letter can be as tenuous as you want it to be. For example I could post a cover from "Adventure Comics" or "Amazing Spider Man".  However Spider Man covers can also be posted when we're on the letter "S".  Adventure Comic covers could also be posted when we're on the letter "L" if they depict the Legion of Super Heroes.  So, no real hard, fast rules - in fact the cleverer the interpretation of the letter, the better, as far as I'm concerned.

And it's not written in stone that we have to post a cover every day. There may be some days when no cover gets posted. There's nothing wrong with this, it just demonstrates that we all have lives to lead.

If everyone's in agreement I'd like to kick this off with one of my favourite Action Comic covers, from January 1967. Curt Swan really excelled himself here.

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I'll be away for a few days so here's another gem from my childhood: Strange Tales #174 and the debut of the Golem!

Here's a good weekend project (doesn't have to be this weekend; could be any weekend): watch the movie Gorgo then follow it up with the Yoe! Books reprint of the Ditko issues of the comic book series.

Ghost Manor #6. A really cool cover from Sanho Kim

This is the third (and final) issue of Marvel’s short-lived Groovy, a 1968 humour magazine that utterly failed to tickle anyone’s funny bone. The cover makes it look like a comic book, since it has the dimensions of a comic book and the classic Marvel 12 cent font from that company’s classic 1960s era. But there’s no Comic Code Authority seal to sanction the contents. The simple reason it only ran for 3 issues is that it was terrible!


All kinds of publishers did cartoon titles back in the day, often featuring sexual humour. Some of them had long runs, so they must have sold; but the jokes on the covers never make me crack a smile.

A favourite and underused villain's appearance


Richard Willis posted a cover by Sanho Kim.  Here is another, Ghostly Tales #101, January 1973.  I remember buying it.  The story is in Korean and English.  Charlton wasn't afraid to experiment.

First appearance of the Green Goblin

Green Hornet #14.

Green Hornet #1 (1940)

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