Ok, here's an idea for a fun contest. I post a section from a comic cover and you guys try and guess what cover it's from.Whoever guesses correctly, gets to post a portion of a cover themselves, and we all get to guess. It's not good form to post a very tiny part of the cover, as it makes the contest too difficult.

Here's my starter - a clue is that this particular cover (like all of mine) is from the Silver-Age.

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The remaining cover is Jumbo Comics #70 (1944).

The GCD ascribes the majority of the cover to Joe Doolin. One indexer thinks someone else, possibly Nick Cardy, did Sheena's face.

I hope everyone enjoyed the "zebra" covers.  I had to lean heavily on the Golden Age.  There were a number from Jungle Comics and Jumbo Comics I could have used.

Here are a few other covers I came across that were interesting.

Another Francis cover but the joke doesn't work for me.

Cave Girl, but I suspect that it is less a "zebra" cover and more a coloring error cover.

And a couple of nice "ERB" covers, but not in English.

Sports referees are sometimes called "zebras" because they wear striped shirts.  Covers with "referees" are also in short supply.

In a few days I'll be moving so I may disappear for a while while I get settled in, so I thought I'd post one more before then.  The time span is 1950-1967.

Here's one right off the bat... er, trident.

No. 1 is Wonder Woman #44. I got it by the logo.

Art by Irwin Hasen, who I quite like these days.

Here's another (and that may be it for me this go 'round).

The theme is probably "giant seahorses."

I thought Blondie might cause problems since that isn't a title one would normally associate with seahorses, but you guys came through with flying colors. 

The movers come tomorrow, so I may be "off the grid" for a while. 

You guys got if figgered out before I could get home to participate. You're really good at this!


I've collected seventeen covers for a theme, which is far too many. So I'm going to post them in four groups, and wait for each set to be completed before posting the next. The covers are from four companies; the issues were dated for 1941, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1950, 1951, 1954 (x 2), 1955, 1958, 1964 (x2), 1973, 1976, 1977, 1979; all the titles had good runs, and some were very long-lived indeed.

Here's round one:

These cuts are from two different covers, but they're from the same series, so if you find one you'll have the other.

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