Ok, here's an idea for a fun contest. I post a section from a comic cover and you guys try and guess what cover it's from.Whoever guesses correctly, gets to post a portion of a cover themselves, and we all get to guess. It's not good form to post a very tiny part of the cover, as it makes the contest too difficult.

Here's my starter - a clue is that this particular cover (like all of mine) is from the Silver-Age.

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BONUS ANSWER: Sauron is an "energy vampire" who drains not blood, but psychic energy from his victims.

Jeff of Earth-J said:

Another artist with a distinctive style.

I was thinking Kirby might have been inspired by Colin Wilson's The Space Vampires, but the ISFDB indicates the book was published later in the year than the annual. The movie Queen of Blood (1966) has a space vampire. The movie Terrore nello spazio (1965) is known in English as Planet of Vampires, but its revenants aren't toothy. There was one on the Buck Rogers TV show, and one like it in the revived newspaper strip, but that was well after the annual.

Here we have a "Cosmic Vampire."

I doubt the Code Authority would have allowed that blurb prior to the Code's revision. The issue appeared in Dec. 1971. DC Indexes says Tomb of Dracula had started the month before.

One to go - and the theme.

Here's the final one. Is the theme "non-traditional vampires" or "science vampires" something like that? (If so, it's got me double-guessing the X-Men bonus cover.)

You've really got it: it's vampires that aren't really vampires. The one from Plastic Man.#43 turns out to be a fake, Dell's Dracula just turns into a bat, Starbreaker feeds on the destruction of planets, Morbius has a blood disease, the vampires of Planet of Vampires are metaphorically so, the critter from Captain American Annual #3 is an alien, and in World's Finest Comics #249 Superman is possessed by a supernatural being called a Trillig.

Neal Adams has said he conceived Sauron as like a vampire, but one "that doesn't suck blood, that's not based on a bat", so you hit the answer to the bonus challenge. I made the issue a bonus because of Sauron's lack of the overt vampire characteristics the others have. The issue preceded the Code's revision.

I very briefly had Wolverine #15 from 1989 in the set - Ba'al's followers are mostly fake monsters until the climax in the next issue - but I took it out because I thought no-one would enjoy looking for it.

This set repeats a past theme.

A cover with a series hero. This was his fourth or fifth berth, depending on how you count. After his run here ended the feature was twice revived before end of the Bronze Age.

The theme is present in the issue, but not on the cover.

This one only fits the theme if you phrase it the right way, but I thought it'd be fun to include.

This is the only one I recognize right away. Joe Simon's "Mad" knockoff, Sick, featuring his character Fighting American. 


I was worried it might be too hard. The cover is based on a Jack Kirby panel from Fighting American #1.

Your clue led me to Johnny Peril. I searched GCD and discovered that he had bounced around in a lot of titles going back to the Golden Age. I guess the them is mummies, which, as you say, we did once before.


His berths to that point were Comic Cavalcade, All-Star Comics, Danger Trail, and Sensation Comics which became Sensation Mystery. The feature was revived in The Unexpected in the later 1960s and again in the early 1980s.

Not mummies. Mind transfer. I could use one myself this morning.


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