Hey, I just wanted to give a heads-up that I've got a new short story published in Wednesday's Happy Hour 5 (comic story by Peter Milligan and Michael Montenat). Mine's called "On the Beach/In the Bedroom," and it's about a moment during the start of the Trojan War. If you get it, I hope you like it! Here's what the cover looks like. 

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My next story -- a sonnet, actually -- is in Snelson #2. And, incredibly, that's my name in the corner of a cover by Sergio Aragones! 

Snelson is the story of a once-popular comedian who's style is falling out of favor, so he feels "canceled" and starts to connect with the alt-right crowd. I haven't read the new issue yet, but the first issue, but Paul Constant & Fred Harper, is lacerating and terrific.

My poem, "Pastoral," is about a zombie. It's got a great illustration by Ed Catto! 

PASTORAL: As is my wont on a Wednesday that features work by Rob Staeger, it goes to the top of the stack. The sonnet is a difficult form. Remember when we were doing reviews of current comics in haiku? (Bob started it, but several people jumped in.) I tried my hand at writing a review in sonnet form, but I never could pull it off. Your meter is correct, your imagery is good, and you even managed an allusion to Shakespeare. I might quibble with "he feels no pains" but sometimes ya gots to do what ya gots to do to get the rhyme to work. 

Ha, I have the same issue with "he feels no pains"! It's the worst line in the thing. 

This one started when a friend challenged us all to write some zombie poetry. I can't just write "poetry" -- I need a rhyme scheme/meter/form to follow, or else I don't have any way to judge whether it works or not. Free verse is my nemesis. Sonnets are a favorite of mine, and have been since high school. 

I'm not sure if I know the Shakespeare allusion, though. Did he originate the phrase "gone from bad to worse"?

"I'm not sure if I know the Shakespeare allusion, though."

I thought "Its driver ripped untimely from the seat" was an allusion to MacDuff (who was "from his mother's womb untimely ripped"). 

Oh, you're right!  I'd forgotten, but I think I did think about MacDuff when I came up with that!

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