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"They're raping my childhood" begins in 3..2..

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I understand, of course, the literary (and commercial) appeal of giving a hero an arch-enemy to bedevil him from time to time.  But, at some point, a certain credibility fatigue slips in---after Wombat Man fails to permanently dispose of the mass-murdering Professor Vileness time and time, again---either by locking him up for good or sending him to a dirt nap.


On the other hand, I would point out that the character of Doc Savage had a successful run of 181 pulp novels (182, if you count the unpublished Red Spider) and only repeated a villain---John Sunlight---one time.  My point being, an arch-enemy is a handy literary device, but not a necessary one.

I intend to pick up this comic today if I can. I wonder if it will be as interesting as this conversation that it has provoked.

Phillip Portelli:

"Norman Osbourne's story should have ended with Amazing Spider-Man #122 but his legacy has continued ad infinitum with multiple Green Goblins, Hobgoblins, Demogoblins, Grey Goblins, Golden Goblins and Goblingoblins. Even without his still-questionable return, I doubt that his concept would have simply vanished."

You forgot The Jackass and Carion My Wayward Son!   : D

As an aside, in recent years it's bugged me that Stan & Jazzy Johnny ripped off Doc Ock's origin for the Goblin's, apparently without even realizing it, and yet tried to make Norman "sympathetic" by giving the no-good criminal bastard amnesia, while never once cutting Otto "the most dangerous super-villain in the world" even the slightest break (when HE had been a decent man before HIS accident).  It was the first 2 movies that really pointed this up for me. At least the 2nd film did make Otto sympathetic... when he wasn't in full-blown psychotic bad-guy mode. But they also tried to make Norman more sympathetic, before HIS accident, than he ever deserved to be (based on the comics). It's like somebody was getting their characterizations confused.

Jeff Of Earth-J:

"It was Collins/Fletcher who introduced Angeltop and the Brow's son."

Yep. They also brought back Big Boy, for a 6-month storyline... which he never made it to the end of. (heh)

And, as another aside, the one thing that really bugged me about the 90's DICK TRACY film was, with all the care they put into bringing all those whacky-looking baddies to such accurate and believable life, visually, the main villain of the pic, Big Boy, looked NOTHING like the one in the comics. To me, Al Pacino single-handedly MURDERED that movie.

Well, I guess all those hysterics were right after all.  I bought and read Earth 2 #2, and am now completely and thoroughly corrupt.  Who knew?

Don't sell yourself short, Bob.  I'm sure you were completely and thoroughly corrupt long before that.

You know me too well.

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