I've heard about a series called Alias, (apparantly not affiliated with the TV show of the same name),

but I've never read any of it.

Apparantly it is well known, and many of the characters featured in it (or guest-stars) followed right along with Bendis into the New Avengers and the Secret Invasion master story arc.  I hear it used Captain America, Purple Man, Luck Cage, Ant-Man, Ms. Marvel, Sue Storm Richards, Daredevil and Spider-Woman.


Just when did this series come about, and why wasn't it referenced in any of the mainstream Marvel Universe marquee books?


I don't recall anyone at the comic book shop talking about this, but it surely would have been the talk of the college crowd who used to hang out at the geek shop (before they all graduated and moved onto real life.)

(Unlike now, when they are all gamers, or card players, and the comics have taken a back seat to the players, and will likely be phased out in another year or so...)

I hear it was graphic, and so, appealed to the adult audience who might have been "more experienced" than traditional teen and "I Live in My Parent's Basement" fans.

How graphic a comic was this?

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I am seeking a gold frame variant copy of the Tales of Suspense Marvel masterworks (volume 4) reprinting TOS #32-55 or so.

The cover, in addition to the classic gold frame, shows a man being flown/dragged off by BEES into the Beehive!

Although I can find copies of the regular volume WITHOUT the GOLD FRAME, I haven't seen a single listing for the variant dustjacket cover.  Were they ever produced? 

I understand that like it's sister volume Tales to Astonish #4, there might not be as much demand for these last few stragler stories...but I found I enjoyed the prior volumes and event TTA #4...so I'm looking to score one at a cheep price. Any suggestions?


Another board supporter has wisely said he'd never  pay $50 for these volumes, and he's quite right. I have been able to find them for under $39 in most cases and as low as $16  in a few places...if you hunt long enough and hard enough, you can find them. So far, I am under budget for picking up five of the eight volumes these two Atlas Era series represent.


Any help?

Available for dirt cheap:  Weird Wonder Tales #4, 6, 22   reading copies only.

OK, I can't remember why or where, but somebody started talking about if Dr. strange and Sgt. Fury had ever had an adventure together...since they sort of shared a book titled "Strange tales"....and then somebody spoke up and confirmed there had been a 2-parter adventure printed in Dr. Strange #50-51.  Well, I was curious, so I jumped on eBay and looked it up, and found that there was one 99-CENT "item" that included #50-51-52-53-54...including one issue that I remember extremely clearly where Dr. Strange went back in time to visit the time of Rama Tut, as he imprisoned the FF from their adventure back in FF#20... and so, I impulsively bought the lot of five books.  Well, the arrived with a nice note on the invoice and a smilely face from the seller, thanking me for buying the lot for cheap plus shipping.

I opened the key books, and the artwork leaves a great deal to be desired. Certainly, this was not the title's finest hour, as the printing is dreadful...no where near as good as I recall.

Sooooooo, making  a long story short:  I don't want them.  My collection doesn't need them.  You can have them.  I read the two parter Sgt. Fury/Dr. Strange adventure, and it didn't appeal to me either.  So, if you have any interest in these five books, please PM me.  I can make your xmas merry for the cost of shipping to you!

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