This is my line started for all titles/companies-lines published by Archie Comics , including MLJ Comics , Radio Comics , Red Circle Comics , Stan Lee Comics...Including , most of all , "THOSE">> Riverdale teenagers...But since I did this with " Comics " capitalized , it includes <"ALL">>>>> of the company !!!!!!!!!!!

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...Has anybody else here hard of the new character in the Old Riverdale stories, Scarlet? She has been in (to my knowlledge) two stories - Both of them, again to my, etc., published only in pDFs available from Archie, not in any paper publication of " full " Web comic.

  Scarlet is an autistic teenager, and was declared to have lived in Riverdale some time in the past during Little Archie times.

She moved back to Riverdale, or High. The two stories I'm aware of, " Kindness Works ", and ' No Plastic Straws, Please ", are available as PDFs from Nancy herslf. Both stories are penciled by Archie OG Fernando Ruiz, so!!!!!!!!! More later.

...I meant " kid, and (rather more conservative/traditionalist) PARENT-friendly " above. Parent. Actually, Scarlet - and other autistic teenagers - came back to Riverdale High, presumably, thus, always having lived there, after a seperate autism program was closed down, RH previously had an excellent autism program but in the auties' abscence, it withered, the 1st story mentions. An oddly realistic detail! Nancy is an ex-teacher herself, apparently...but she's not the scripter of the Scarlet stories, if you infer that I am saying that.
Oh, and it's Jon Goldwater, of course.

Archie 1941 #4: Unfortunately, I got the manga-looking cover to this one, which kind of puts a bad taste in my mouth every time I glance at it. But when I look inside it, I am reminded of what I enjoyed about it so much. This book kind of reminds me of American Graffiti, the movie. Yes, it takes place 20 years earlier, but the story is such a reminder of that story. It's about a group of kids who are having to grow up and decide what to do next, and it has taken our heroes in different directions, mostly against their better wishes. Archie is now in Northern Africa with no idea what he's doing in the Army, and the town of Riverdale is left without the heart of the town. This is a heartbreaker in the best possible way.

...Historical detail question on Archie #1941 #4 (Which I liked!!!): It has Archie having faked his parents' signature to have joined the military and Jughead not able to get his parents' consent to join.

  Post-Pearl Harbor, would they gave needed them? I:d think theyd've been draftrd, in fact...they've healthy and I don't see any " they're their mothrs' some support " angle, ir anything else. Perhaps 1941/2 draft boards started at 21 or 20 and went down from there? FTM, as far as 2019 goes, I thought the U.S.. Military allowed full enlistment at 17 (perhaps requiring parental consent/emancipated status)? Cmdr. Benson disagreed with me...but I do recall the USA, back during the 20th, not signing s UN treaty standardizing military age at 18 when some in Congress objected. Did we sign it since then? Oh, and the story has Archie's folks say " rationing is coming ". Wasn't it there already?

Not sure. It's been a little while since I read the previous issue, but that does sound right.

Still, knowing what I know of Brian Augustyn and Mark Waid, I'll bet they did their research! :)

This Archie 1941 story sounds interesting. When it is collected in TPB I’ll probably buy it.

Draft Age:

Looking at the history of the draft (1917 to date), the youngest a man* was required to register for the draft is 18. When a man would actually be drafted after having registered is a matter of discretion depending on the urgent need for more troops. A person (male or female) may enlist as long as he/she is 18 or older or is able to fake it. This is probably because no one under 18 can sign a legal contract.

*so far no women have been required to register


In the US, rationing started in increments. Apparently, conserving tires and gasoline were the earliest rationing examples, followed later by food items, etc.

In the UK, rationing began in 1939 and didn’t end until 1954 (not a typo). It was still going on when my parents and I moved to the US in 1952:

I forgot to add that it is correct that a 17-year-old may enlist with the written permission of parents.

1941 was the year in which Archie Comics actually began publication. This is a look back at what would have quite possibly really have happened had it been done more realistically.

It's good and sad and sweet, but like most other Archie "Elseworlds" comics, it depends heavily on what has been established for years and years. It doesn't do anything to take away from this book, but it does do a lot to add to it.

I think this is one of the greatest strengths of Archie Comics these days.

Richard Willis said:

This Archie 1941 story sounds interesting. When it is collected in TPB I’ll probably buy it.

It...I presume you mean what the enlistment rules are now, Richard. We seem to be saying the same things. I do recall the US not signing that UN treaty, which presumably would have ruled out under-18 enlistments entirely.

  I do, sort of, think that as recently as WWII and even perhaps more recently the rules were looser on this.

  I was assuming, again, that Dub Dub draft boards might've started at, again, say, 20, and gone younger as the perceived need grew, just as (and I do recall writings about WWII America indicating this) they would make people were older, and not in the first wave of draft-eligible, eligible as the war rolled on, and some other categories not initially draft-eligible would be reclassified as draftable. Even in this millennium - I recall that late in GW Bush's time, the surge in our present war had the volunteer military loosening its standards in what legal scrapes made you 100% a no-go for the military, some felony raps became look-over-able late in Bush II's time. This is not scttlebutt, this was covered in mainstream news at the time. More recently, I recall reading of the bounceback to that, when a post-surge military started discharging early some?? of the people who'd joined under that late GWB rule-loosening of the no-enlistment standards - If that's because they committed a major mess-up while in uniform, I guess that's understandable but I don't know whether it meant suddenly " discovering " that troops who had been allowed to join with full knowledge of their past raps had the Service " shocked! " to discover that they had been allowed to join!

  The modern-era demand to " show your full documents/proof " certainly has greatly cut down on the of-legend/paperback novel practice of " Well, son, it's the Army or jail/juvie " but I tend to doubt that it's been eliminated entirely, even when it supposedly has been! More recently, I recall a USA Today story saying that " with the booming economy and lots of jobs, the military was loosening enlustmene standards ", nit I think about criminal raps - of education/test scores/what past illnesses/ conditions disqualify you?

...The Scarlet stories are a bit, inevitably, preachy/Very Special Episode/PSA-y...especially the " Plastic Straws " one (which I may have gotten the title wrong on). It is to be hoped that they may be able to expand her into a more fully realized comedic character. 

  S arlet is not a Disney Ptier " perfectly Noble " Chara ter or very high functioning autistic, interestingly enough. She's a bit child-like and impulsive. (Besides which h, there's already a high functioning autistic established character in the Archieverse...2001-ishly, the character's initials are not EE...or CC...)

Emerkeith Davyjack said:

It...I presume you mean what the enlistment rules are now, Richard. We seem to be saying the same things. I do recall the US not signing that UN treaty, which presumably would have ruled out under-18 enlistments entirely.

If you read the Wikipedia article in my link it will clarify the issue for you  photo tongue.gif

I didn't look up enlistment standards. My understanding is that "jail or military" was outlawed.

I still say, regardless of bureaucracy facts, it's a great story with a lot of heart!

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