I didn't entirely get the intended construction of the jokes in the Sunday Bizzaro (Sp??) strip yesterday .   ( The strip appars to be not online , as it is a King Features Syndicate strip , who - Gasp !!! - appear to think they're in the comics business to make money , and keep their strips behind a wall . )

  The joke was " variations on ' I Love New York ' "...but was the panhandler's shirt supposed to be saying " I Owe New York " ?"  I Have Zero , New York " ?

  The yokel , in Middle Ages garb...Was his shirt suppost'a mean " I Love York " , as in the English county that New York was indeed named after ??? ( And Prince Charles is now considered the Duke of , if I recall correctly . )

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...So that's when Grell did it ?

  When I first got on the Internet , Gray Morrow was still alive , and doing the Sunday , and I sorta-followed it - I fell away , however .

  Later I saw Grell strips , thought they might be new...

...To-day's Spidey Sunday features that Romita , Sr. cast of characters in the top tier..."-)...

I’m still looking forward to Russ Cochran’s Sunday Funnies, $10 for each 32 page issue. (See page one of this discussion for more details.) But now, before issue #1 has even shipped, a hardcover collection of the thr first three issues has been solicited for $30. I generally prefer hardcovers, but in this case I may just choose to collect the individual, presumably newspaper-like issues. I hate when publishers do this. Holding off on the initial collection until readers can see the product would help facilitate making a decision. Still, I suppose I shouldn’t complain.

...As I said , will this SF title be just re-re-reprints of much-reprinted , already , " canon " material ?????

A lot of it has been reprinted in the past, but whereas I have good samplings of such classics as Little Nemo, Flash Gorgon, Buck Rogers and Terry & the Pirates in my personal collection, what nakes the collections for me is Gasoline Alley Sundays (from the beginning), Polly and Her Pals (which is available but I don't have) and Alley Oop (from the beginning). I think 10 bucks is a pretty good price for 32 newspaper-size pages and would be a good sampler for anyone, especially those who may not have the majority of these strips in his collection. I'll undoubtedly have more to say after the first issue ships.

...To-day , a Newt Gingrich joke in DOONESBURY seems to collide into a pseudo-Shakespherian " eye of Newt " - capitalized - joke in BIZARRO . ??!

...Here is that PICKLES I spoke of - from , over a month back !!!!!!!!!!! - Looks like I'm turning into the protaginist himself ? Hee hee hee hee .


  Explaining what I aid above at more length , Doonesbury had a politically-oriented Newt Gingrich strip - while Bizarro had a joke revolving aroung a witch an th MACBETH " eye of Newt " - capitalized that way - further down the same page , but w/no apparent reerence to Leroy Gingrich .

  A last-minute change ? Even done by th Santa Cruz papes' Standards & Practuces people ?

...Aaah , find it yourself ( Just LIKE!!! the Pickles protaginist!!! ) , I suppose the link to the specific page won't go up . :-(

...Thank you , PBP .

  You know , is it a Trudeau trademark to AVOID caricaturing politicians ?

  Strange I've read the strip ( off & on ) all these years and I've never really noticed that .

Ooh, yes, he's done it before.

...So , yes , he doesn't caricature major politicians ?

  I do recall he had this " Rapmaster Ronnie " during Reagan's time but that was:

(1) technically not of RR hisself ?


(2) maybe in a spinoff book/stageshow/recording , not the strip ???

  Or , does he caricature pols ?

PowerBook Pete (The Mad Mod) said:

Ooh, yes, he's done it before.

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