I didn't entirely get the intended construction of the jokes in the Sunday Bizzaro (Sp??) strip yesterday .   ( The strip appars to be not online , as it is a King Features Syndicate strip , who - Gasp !!! - appear to think they're in the comics business to make money , and keep their strips behind a wall . )

  The joke was " variations on ' I Love New York ' "...but was the panhandler's shirt supposed to be saying " I Owe New York " ?"  I Have Zero , New York " ?

  The yokel , in Middle Ages garb...Was his shirt suppost'a mean " I Love York " , as in the English county that New York was indeed named after ??? ( And Prince Charles is now considered the Duke of , if I recall correctly . )

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Obviously, Trixie is Jesus. DUH!

At NANCY, Jaimes has started doing Sundays as well, and seems to have introduced her version of Aunt Fritzi.

...The ASM strip is early in a new arc involving Iron Fist and Jimmy Woo.  IF is drawn rather older-looking than I remember him being. Woo is an FBI agent. Could that be controversial in the presrnt-day climate? The Kingpin - Presumably not as Mayor of NYC!!!!! - will figure into it. How long did the last,  Hulk-Lizard, story run? These past couple of years,  the Spidey strip,  which once had tight,  eight-week - MAYBE ten- or twelve- - -week stories,  has run quite long continuities,  five months or so.  Roy Thomas' influence? I presume he still script-assists.

  Given the, I've even discussed them here,   recent developments in Stan's life,  one might wonder how much he has to do with the strip anymore, although people always were saying that about the strip at all times across the years. SOMEBODY has to write the strip!!!!!!! Not a Marvel script generator??? 

In comic books, an older Jimmy Woo was most recently affiliated with the "Agents of Atlas."

Olivia Jaimes gives her critics the side-eye with this Sunday strip:


Interesting. Haven't seen her work on the strip, before.

ClarkKent_DC said:

Olivia Jaimes gives her critics the side-eye with this Sunday strip:


Olivia Jaimes took over the strip in April, after longtime artist Guy Gilchrist moved on to other things. There's been something of a kerfluffle over her art style as well as her bringing the strip into modern times, as noted above.

...Thank you.  I think I thought that was a 1950s-set series??

Jeff of Earth-J said:

In comic books, an older Jimmy Woo was most recently affiliated with the "Agents of Atlas."

...The Spidey strip draws Iron Fist in a rawther 70s-esque " dig my exposed chest " outfit, and a beard - making him look rather older than I remember.

  I seem to recall the original 70s feature presenting UF as mixed Caucasian and Far Eastern ethnically, but perhaps I remember wrong - He has a red beard here. 

In an early instalment the August Personage in Jade told Iron Fist Wendell Rand was his brother, which can be taken as implying he was a native of K'un-Lun. However, in the first instalment he had red hair and looked Western. Power Man and Iron Fist #75 established he was adopted by the August Personage's father after he saved them in adulthood. The hero's mother was blond-haired, like Iron Fist.

...Thank you, Luke.

"I thought that was a 1950s-set series??"

It used characters introduced in the 1950s but was set in the present day.

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