I didn't entirely get the intended construction of the jokes in the Sunday Bizzaro (Sp??) strip yesterday .   ( The strip appars to be not online , as it is a King Features Syndicate strip , who - Gasp !!! - appear to think they're in the comics business to make money , and keep their strips behind a wall . )

  The joke was " variations on ' I Love New York ' "...but was the panhandler's shirt supposed to be saying " I Owe New York " ?"  I Have Zero , New York " ?

  The yokel , in Middle Ages garb...Was his shirt suppost'a mean " I Love York " , as in the English county that New York was indeed named after ??? ( And Prince Charles is now considered the Duke of , if I recall correctly . )

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Aha! I was wondering if what I read was up-to-date.

PowerBook Pete, the Mad Mod said:

I did not know Roy Thomas was the ghostwriter for the strip.

...I thought I had mentioned Roy's connection with the strip here before. He had had permission to mention his connection with the strip in venues other than the strip itself for time. Stan had mentioned it too. That page flatly called him the ghostwriter
Roy, in his writing, had called himself the " script assist " and emphasized his secondary status to Stan. Of course, he would have to, wouldn't he? Perhaps his role in reased in more recent times - Especially since macular degradion of Stan's yes !Right term?) had rendered him unable to read orose and even comics, I saw this said in one of the many articles that his (thankfully resolved by his end) problems with those pimps/macks/" elder abuse " led to me seeing in recent months.
  • ...I may have seen something saying that Stan always scripted the strip to ithers' plots. I saw a reference to a Jim Shooter blog post where he said that the strip was first plotted by Len Wein and Stan scrioted it, then, Jim himself plotted it for a while. I saw a biography of Larry Leiber in a Marvel book's credits saying that he had scripted the strip at one point. Comment was made over at ComicsKingdom that this story was seeming quite similar to the Slidey-JJJ- Luke story by Gerry Conway in ASM#123. There was a early 90s?? period when the Spidey strip went to remakes of previous comic-book stories. Has the SPIDEY strip ever used used any version of the Green Goblin in a full story? I'd.seen Gobby shown in brief flashbacks in the strip and in the top-third Sunday rouge's gallery, but a complete story?
  •   I have long thought that Roy could ascend to full writer of the strip and credit when the day came that Stan stepped down. Perhaps if they did, Marvel)King my ght hedge that by liscenceng Stan's name from his family for an addition " creator's credit " on the strip? Stan's daughter, J.C. Lee, though she was  apparently loyal to her father in the end (as was Larry), as she had Larry had the stay away order against the apparent worst of Stan's pimps also tell him to stay away from them. Perhaps the longer stories and greater continuity, if that's the word, use of older characters in the strip reflects Roy's influence?

Emerkeith Davyjack said:

...I thought I had mentioned Roy's connection with the strip here before. 

I forgot you were the one who mentioned it before. I knew I had heard it somewhere before.

...Even though Stan's worth was $5 billion IIRC, I don't know how "Sid " that money would be...and, dutiful daughter or not, the comments about J.C. Kee's spend ing habits might indicates she'll need a steady source of income! Does Stan has a lot of never-used sketches/propsals that could be used with his name attached to him, as IIRC just for two Gene Roddenberry and Issac Asimov's heirs did?
..." Solid ", I meant, for Stan's $.
By the way, Richard, perhaps you'll be overjoyed that I got thrown up to me by Google even ANOTHER! about the Olivia Jaimes NANCY among the lines of " Gee...it's so rad!!!!!!! "! I brings up Millennials and uses the phrase " zeitgeist "! Ah,the funny papers. It does give some newdetaild on Jaimes and the personal cloud that Guy Gilchrist left the strip under.

I don't wish ill on the Nancy strip. If people want to read it for whatever reason, fine. 

I've read the Spidey strip over the years, most consistently since I started with Comics Kingdom some years ago.

...Who draws SAM AND SILO, if Jerry Dumas has been dead since 2016? Reprints?

If you haven't gotten enough about Nancy, there's this from Vulture.com: "Olivia Jaimes, the Mysterious Cartoonist Behind ‘Nancy,’ Gives Rar...

...Thank you, CKDC!

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