I didn't entirely get the intended construction of the jokes in the Sunday Bizzaro (Sp??) strip yesterday .   ( The strip appars to be not online , as it is a King Features Syndicate strip , who - Gasp !!! - appear to think they're in the comics business to make money , and keep their strips behind a wall . )

  The joke was " variations on ' I Love New York ' "...but was the panhandler's shirt supposed to be saying " I Owe New York " ?"  I Have Zero , New York " ?

  The yokel , in Middle Ages garb...Was his shirt suppost'a mean " I Love York " , as in the English county that New York was indeed named after ??? ( And Prince Charles is now considered the Duke of , if I recall correctly . )

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A little known fact: Franklin's last name is "Armstrong" in honor of JumpStart creator Robb Armstrong.

Dave Palmer said:

Lee Houston Jr and I have been discussing a problem with Andrews McMeel comics

Did Go Comics GO? - Captain Comics (ning.com)

November Glitch Causes December Reruns at AMS The Daily Cartoonist

Speaking of Franklin, not only is he friends with Jojo in JumpStart, he knows Curtis, too (but then, Curtis knows Charlie Brown, so it figures).

I can't remember if I checked yesterday, but today all of the comics that I follow on gocomics are new.

If the print newspapers only received the reruns, which has been said, that should mean that we haven't missed anything. The strips were just delayed. Creators that have special strips drawn for upcoming holidays will probably adjust their strips so that they land on the right days.

Lee Houston, Junior said:

I agree Richard, though I'm not sure if Luann and Rip Haywire picked up exactly where they left off before the snafu or just started from where they would have been anyway on Monday December 12 without the reprint week.

Tom Batiuk is retiring. The last installment of Funky Winkerbean will be December 31. [It will be replaced in the Dallas Morning News by Crabgrass, a strip by Tauhid Bondia about "childhood friendship with all of its peaks and valleys."] No word on Crankshaft, which Batiuk does with Chuck  Ayers.

I found this clarification on the Cleveland channel 19 site. It answers some of the questions.

End of an era: Northeast Ohio comic artist Tom Batiuk to retire ‘Fu...

"Complete Funky Winkerbean collections (Volume 12 of which has recently dropped…)"

Not sure what he means by "dropped," but I have seen only volumes 1-4 in hardcover (plus the "Lisa's Story" slip-cased set.

"The two strips have always existed in a shared universe..."

Funky and Crankshaft have been crossing over all week. 

There's a Volume 11 here.

Volume 12 on Amazon

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