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It's that time of year again.  No, I don't mean it's time to stuff your face with egg nog and candy canes.  It's time to reflect on the best comics of 2014.  Here's your chance to have your say.  Every member of Captain Comics' Comics Round Table is allowed to nominate up to 2 nominees per category.  You don't have to fill all your nomination slots or nominate someone in every category.  Just do the ones you feel like doing.  And if you're not a member yet and just hanging around?  No problem.  You can become a member and submit nominations, no waiting period necessary.  I'll probably keep the nomination thread open for two weeks which means the ballot threads should start appearing around Jan. 3.  But, you know, if I get bored and the nominations slow up, I could always start a day or two early.  Without further ado, have at it in the following categories.

Best Writer

Best Artist

Most Underrated Writer

Most Underrated Artist

Best Self-Contained Story (Single Issue or One-Shot)

Best Story Arc

Best Limited Series

Best Ongoing Series

Best New Title

Most Underrated Title

Best Original Graphic Novel

Best Web Comic

Best Reprint or Archive

Best Male Character

Best Female Character

Best Villain

Best New Character

Best Supporting Character

Best Team

Biggest Surprise

Best Cover

Best Single Panel or Splash Page

Best Fight Scene

Best Character Recovery

Best Superhero/Comic Book Story in Another Media

Best Comic Book Adaptation

RIP Award (for Fictional Characters)

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I've got a few more, Chris. (I told you I might be back!)

BEST MALE CHARACTER: Barry Chase ("Flyboy" from Straczynski and Mandrake's Sidekick)

BEST FEMALE CHARACTER: Velvet Templeton (from Brubaker and Epting's Velvet)

BEST NEW CHARACTER: Also Velvet Templeton (from Brubaker and Epting's Velvet)

BEST SUPPORTING CHARACTER: Pizza Dog (a.k.a "Lucky") from Hawkeye

BEST SELF-CONTAINED STORY: "Pizza is my Business" from Hawkeye #11

Hey, I just noticed... shouldn't the title and first post reference the year 2013?

This deserves a BUMP .... and I'll try to post my nominations a little later.

Best Writer - Brian Wood & Scott Snyder

Best Artist - Michael Lark & Brent Anderson

Most Underrated Writer - Joe Casey & JMS

Most Underrated Artist - Mike Norton & Juan Ferrerya

Best Self-Contained Story (Single Issue or One-Shot) - Batman: The Dark Knight Annual #1 & Fatake #13

Best Story Arc - Fairest - "The Hidden Kingdom" The Spider - "The Fly"

Best Limited Series - 47 Ronin & Colder

Best Ongoing Series - Daredevil & Wonder Woman

Best New Title - Astro City & East Of West

Most Underrated Title - The Spider & Revival

Best Original Graphic Novel - Fairest: In All the Land & Madison Square Tragedy

Best Web Comic

Best Reprint or Archive - Alex Toth's Zorro & Los Tejanos and Lost Cause

Best Male Character - Daredevil & Conan

Best Female Character - Wonder Woman & Belit

Best Villain - Nimble Jack (from Colder) & The Fly (from The Spider)

Best New Character - Death (East of West) & Forever Carlyle (Lazarus)

Best Supporting Character - Crow (East of West) & N'Gora (Conan)

Best Team - Legion of Superheroes

Biggest Surprise -

Best Cover - Colder #4

Best Single Panel or Splash Page

Best Fight Scene - Snow White and Prince Whats-his-name

Best Character Recovery - Travis Clevenger (Bloodhound)

Best Superhero/Comic Book Story in Another Media - Wolverine

Best Comic Book Adaptation - 47 Ronin

RIP Award (for Fictional Characters) - Belit

Man, there were some I could easily have had 5 nominations for, and others I just have nothing.

Due to my reading habits, I'm going to be pretty selective. Trade waiting really throws off my sense of "2013" as well, but I'll try to double-check dates.

Best Writer - Brian K. Vaughan, Scott Snyder

Best Artist - Fiona Staples, Sean Phillips

Most Underrated Writer - Charles Soule, Matt Kindt

Most Underrated Artist - Nick Pitarra, Ben Templesmith

Best Ongoing Series - American Vampire, The Unwritten

Best New Title - East of West, Lazarus

Best Original Graphic Novel - Strange Attractors

Best Web Comic - The Private Eye, Kinski

Best Reprint or Archive - One Trick Rip-Off / Deep Cuts (Paul Pope), Solo: The Deluxe Edition

Best Male Character - Marko (Saga)

Best Female Character - Alana (Saga)

Best Writer

Brian K. Vaughan (Saga)

Best Artist

Fiona Staples (Saga), Terry Moore (Rachel Rising)

Best Ongoing Series

Saga, Rachel Rising

Best New Title

Lazarus Greg Rucka and Michael Lark, The Wake Sean Murphy and Scott Snyder

Best Original Graphic Novel

Hellboy and the Midnight Circus

Best Web Comic

Hinges by Meredith Mclaren, it's not that old of a webcomic yet but I'm digging the art and story worlds looks.

Best Team

Rat Queens 

Best Cover

Nenetl of the Forgotten Spirits #1

Add some more tomorrow maybe

Aw, no, I've been swamped, and sick. I'll try to get my noms in tomorrow night after work.

Best Writer: Jason Aaron

Best Artist: Stuart Immonen

Most Underrated Writer: Christ Yost

Most Underrated Artist: Rafael Sandoval

Best Self-Contained Story (Single Issue or One-Shot): Legends of the Dark Knight #10

Best Story Arc: The Hellfire Club issues of Wolverine and the X-Men.

Best Limited Series: Six-Gun Gorilla

Best Ongoing Series: Thor God of Thunder

Best New Title: East of West

Most Underrated Title: Superior Foes of Spider-Man

Best Original Graphic Novel: Battling Boy by Paul Pope

Best Web Comic: Excitement Abounding

Best Reprint or Archive: The Best of Punk Magazine

Best Male Character: Superior Spider-Man

Best Female Character: Wonder Woman

Best Villain: The Superior Foes of Spider-Man

Best New Character: The Gorilla in Six-Gun Gorilla

Best Supporting Character: Foggy Nelson

Best Team: The Mighty Avengers

Best Character Recovery: Hawkeye

Best Superhero/Comic Book Story in Another Media: Thor

Best Comic Book Adaptation: Django Unchained

RIP Award (for Fictional Characters): Damian Wayne

But so I don't forget: My Best OGN noms go to Peter Bagge's Woman Rebel, and Etienne Davodeau'sThe Initiates. Both are simply astonishing. I loved Charles Soule & Gregg Scott's Strange Attractors, too, but 2 noms is enough. (But it's still worth seeking out!)

I do have one more for Best Character Recovery: Prince Charming

Best Writer Kurt Busiek, Ed Brubaker

Best Artist, Francisco Francavilla, Darwyn Cooke, 

Most Underrated Writer Robert Aguirre-Sacasa, Alex DeCampi

Most Underrated Artist, Paul Pelletier, Bernard Chang

Best Self-Contained Story (Single Issue or One-Shot) Clown Party (Thrillbent), Hawkeye 7 (Sandy issue)

Best Story Arc: Batgirl: Wanted, Black Beetle: No Way Out

Best Limited Series Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight

Best Ongoing Series: Saga, Fatale 

Best New Title Afterlife with Archie, Manifest Destiny

Most Underrated Title Hinterkind, Tom Strong & the Planet of Peril

Best Original Graphic Novel: The Initiates, Woman Rebel (as above)

Best Web Comic Arcanum (Thrillbent), The Damnation of Charlie Wormwood (Thrillbent)

Best Reprint or Archive: Classic Popeye, Bloodhound: Brass Knuckle Psychology

Best Male Character: Travis Clevinger (Bloodhound),  

Best Female Character: Jo (Fatale), Velvet Templeton (Velvet)

Best Villain: Brandish (Fables), Atomica (Justice League/Forever Evil)

Best New Character: Broken Man (Astro City), Ally (Validation, webcomic)

Best Supporting Character: Foggy Nelson, Lying Cat

Best Team: The Movement, Demon Knights 

Biggest Surprise What "The Death" meant in the Conan story of that title; Atomica's heel turn

Best Cover: Sex Criminals #1, Afterlife With Archie 1 (Francavilla)

Best Single Panel or Splash Page

This panel from Astro City #1:

Best Fight Scene: Defeating Brandish  (Fables); Daredevil vs Ikaru

Best Character Recovery: Red Sonja, Bruce Banner

Best Superhero/Comic Book Story in Another Media Arrow's Barry Allen 2-parter

Best Comic Book Adaptation Batman 66

RIP Award (for Fictional Characters): Barr (Saga), Bigby (Fables)

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