I'm behind the curve on a lot of stuff lately, but I didn't know that there had been another movie made about Judge Dread. I was skimming through the channels and spotted the title, but I thought it was the Sylvester Stallone movie. This one was different and better in my opinion. I don't remember seeing it in the theatres though, was it direct to video?

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Perhaps the recent one didn't have enough of the right elements to draw people to the theatres who weren't already Dredd fans. There was no romance (so why would teenage girls go to see it?) and very little humour. So the trailers may have lacked the elements they needed to convince viewers they wanted to see this film even though they'd caught the Stallone one on TV and didn't like it. Or it may have come across as too much like the first one in the trailers (I didn't see them).

I thought we didn't get to know Dredd as well we got to know Anderson, so while his not taking his helmet off was more in line with the comic, I'm not sure it was the right decision. (Might teenage girls find a hero dreamy if they don't get to see his face?) Possibly the film didn't offer an identification experience which was potent for teenage boys, partly because of its focus on Anderson. Did Dredd himself do anything really impressive or clever? I liked the film and very much liked its basic plot, but I don't recall finding it all that intense. Possibly it was a mistake to treat Dredd as effectively uninjured after he applies the field pack.

Some elements in the film I found a bit off-putting, but I don't know they're likely to be the ones that kept audiences away.

...IIRC , I discussed my seeing it , theatrically , at length , here...The first-ever modern 3-D movie that was madse for 3-D I'd ever seen !!!!!!!!!

  The floating blood globs in the air made such a striking effect:-)...

  It was pointed out that the film's plot turned into , essentially , a remake of ______'s 70s B/explotation classic ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 , which I've seen  (tho only on commercial TV - AOP13 is itself considered rather a remake of Howard Hawks' RIO BRAVO , which I haven't)...Apparently the ' hood/shebeen " slummy parts of Johannesburg are considered grimy enuff to pass for post-nuclear MC1 , as that's where they shot that part...Luke may have a point that at least one or two facial shots may have been called for...Bluntly , too , Dredd is a pretty secondary - if below that - in popularity comics character in America , and at the time of the Stallone film DC had liscenced the character and was putting out two seperate JD series...

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