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ASIAN MURDER HORNETS INVADE AMERICA!   Sounds like natural enemies for Janet Van Dyne.

"Asian murder hornets"?

What's next, 2020?

(Don't answer that.)

Hey, is anyone else following this story about a giant radioactive lizard heading towards [insert your home town here]? They think it might be connected with the mysterious disturbances in the upper atmosphere that we've been assured are not alien spacecraft.

My mysterious new neighbour, whom we never see during daylight, says it's all probably exaggerated.

Jeff of Earth-J said:

"Asian murder hornets"?

What's next, 2020?

(Don't answer that.)

I don't know... maybe it's just me, but "uplifting" and Lord of the Flies just don't seem to go together.

Doesn't sound like you read the article. The point is that the kids did not descend into savagery. 

Jeff of Earth-J said:

I don't know... maybe it's just me, but "uplifting" and Lord of the Flies just don't seem to go together.

No, I read the article. I was just sayin'...

He should've worn glasses.

For those of you who aren't friends with Tracy on FaceBook, the guy who broke into our office and stole her credit cards has been arrested. His arrest record is a mile long. He has nine counts of credit card fraud, three counts of thft over $2500.00, and even three counts of kidnapping. Don't know what that's about, but bail for each one of those is $25,000. Each charge carries its own bail and, all told, his bail is $106,000. Personally, I'm glad the guy's off the streets. He's a menace.

Jeff, that's very good to hear!  With a record like that, there should be a good chance that the guy will be out of action for a very long time.  All the best to you and Tracy.

Thank you. Peter. and I didn't mention resisting arrest. We found out what those kidnapping charges were about, too. I had assumend maybe some sort of child custody thing, but no. It seems that when the police approached him to place him under arrest he was in his car and a chase ensued. He rashed his vehicle in a convenience store parking lot, jumped into another car with three people inside, and told them to drive or he'd kill them!

When the police chased that car down, the perp got out and tried to scale a chain link fence... which is when they tased him. The whole thing was caught on dash cam video, and apparently he made an audible thud when he hit the ground. We can't see the video because his case is still pending, but Tracy did do a happy dance (which I can't share the video of, either. His court appointed lawyer will probably recommend that he plead guilty to the lowest possible sentence rather than go to trial because no jury in the world will find him not guilty after seeing that video.

I wasn't predisposed to feel all that sorry for him in the first place, even though it was a "non-violent crime"; I'm thinking of the trauma he put Tracy through, not to mention the bother of cancelling all her cards and filing credit reports etc. But  after hearing how he terrorized a carful of innocent bystanders, I'm really glad he's off the streets.

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