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Tracy, did your water come on? In the coverage of the Texas situation I saw that they had a plumber on TV showing people how to find and turn off the main water valve to their houses. I was surprised that everyone didn't already know this.

We were able to keep the house warm enough to protect the pipes. With the boil water order, we lost some water pressure but never ran out. The boil order should be over tomorrow.

As I said, we have been extremely lucky through this crisis. 

Glad to hear you guys are okay. Having not seen any new posts from Jeff for a couple of days, it was obvious your situation wasn't good.

Mike Richards already seems more at ease as Jeopardy! host than Ken Jennings did last Friday.

PowerBook Pete, the Mad Mod said:

Mike Richards already seems more at ease as Jeopardy! host than Ken Jennings did last Friday.

I like him better already. I'm not sold that Ken Jennings is a TV star. 

Also, it doesn't sit right with me that Jennings had to apologize for what he called "unartful and insensitve" tweets. Not that Alex Trebek was a saint, but so far as know, he never put himself in a position where such an apology needed to be made.

Best wishes to Jeff and Tracy. I'm thinking of you.

From "Spores from Space!", Mystery in Space #1 (1951). Story by Gardner Fox, art by Frank Frazetta. Frazetta did other stories for DC in the late 40s/early 50s, including eight instalments of "The Shining Knight".

I don't think I should post an image here - it's too risqué - but check out the cover of Weird Tales for March, 1933 (in which "The Tower of the Elephant" appeared). It was obviously the model for that of DC's House of Mystery #1.


The Weird Tales cover story was by Seabury Quinn.

Thanks to those of you who inquired about our status. Our power went out three times on Monday the 15th, starting in the wee small hours. the longest of those times was eleven hours, from 5:00A until 4:00PM, during which time the indoor temperature dropped to 54 degrees, so we were in danger of being uncomfortable, but not freezing. We experienced rolling blackouts Tuesday through Thursday, ranging from 40 minutes up to two hours. We were eventually put on a boil water notice, but that was lifted over the weekend. 

I've missed the board and have a whole lot (both posting and reading) to catch up on. 

Good to see you back!

From Marvel Comics Super Special #1 (1977), in which the rock band Kiss fought Dr Doom.

The cover struck me as a adumbrating Lori the mermaid's intro a decade later, although the mermaid in the story is just actress Ann Blyth playing one.

Ann Blythe was a real actress, the star of Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid (1948). So the story is parallel to the Orson Welles one in Superman #62. Both stories appeared in 1949, this one in Jan., the other in Nov.

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