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Since you read The Con, you might recognize Patti and Chelsea (four years later) sitting at the bar. They get a new adventure in one of the three stories that were written specifically for this collection.

Jeff of Earth-J said:

It's a Charlie Brown Trivia Contest: test your Peanuts knowledge.

10, 10 and 7. Shoulda been a 9, but my brain blew a gasket.

10, 9 and 6

10, 10 and 8. I muffed the first question about what federal agency Snoopy is affiliated with and the question on how many Peanuts characters have stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (I figured the right answer and talked myself out of it. I hate when that happens.)

10, 8 and 4*

* I wouldn't have known the occupation of Charlie Brown's father if it wasn't mentioned this week in the classic Peanuts.

10 (Ten points)

  9 (eighteen points)

  8 (twenty-four points)

Like ClarkKent, I knew the Snoopy/federal agency connection, and couldn't bring it to mind. They have headgear named for him and I couldn't bring it to mind!

JD DeLuzio said:

Like ClarkKent, I knew the Snoopy/federal agency connection, and couldn't bring it to mind. They have headgear named for him and I couldn't bring it to mind!

I didn't know the Snoopy/federal agency connection. Now, if they had asked what insurance company Snoopy shills for, I would have got it.

The one I missed was the Walk of Fame question. I figured the right answer, but overthought it and figured only one character in Peanuts would be sufficiently popular to get such an honor.

Google's Thanksgiving Doodle

I am familiar with the concept of a "kids' table" at family gatherings from popular media, but have never experienced such a thing first hand; in our house, we added extra leaves and everyone sat at the dining room table. What's more, when I was a kid, Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday next to Christmas (because of the gifts); these days, it's my very favorite (because of the lack of gifts). There was no way I would have missed it. 

But our hosts have three kids, third, sixth and seventh grades, and we barely saw them (except for the third grader). We arrived Thursday around 10:30A and the two older ones were still in bed. The oldest, a boy, rolled out of bed about 11 o'clock, but then went back to bed. We ate around noon and he came down for a plate, but took it back to his room. the sixth grader, a girl, came down for the first time around 1:00P, then went back upstairs and we didn't see her the rest of the day.

Tracy was "offended" that the kids didn't have dinner with us, but I was pleased. It was the best Thanksgiving ever. Last night, the girl came down for the first time around 6:00P for pizza, stayed five minutes and went upstairs. she later texted her parents at 9:30P to take her out for ice cream, and they did! (I lost track of how often the parents and kids texted each other within the same house.) It's a good thing Tracy and I aren't parents. If this is 21st century parenting, we would suck at it. 

I was *not* offended. I was imaging my parents and how that behavior would not be acceptable. I was shocked by the fact they were perfectly okay with the total disappearance of their kids. The kids didn't eat anything but junk. My parents would never had tolerated that bs when I was growing up. 

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