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Sandra Benes:

Elaine Benes:

I got nothin' ...

Has anyone heard of or noticed or if not is anyone else as interested in this as I am.....

I have seen some stuff about it over the years but this is an actual product on Amazon available from MARCH 2018

The Prisoner Jack Kirby Gil Kane Art Edition Hardcover – 6 Mar 2018

Drawn by two of the true great comic book legends, Jack Kirby and Gil Kane, this is a facsimile collection of a 'long-lost', unpublished legendary comic book based on the cult classic 1967 British TV show, The Prisoner, co-created, written, directed and starring Patrick McGoohan (Scanners, Braveheart).

Hard back price so far is listed at £38.51 (stirling) and there is NOT a page count listed.


What do they mean by "facsimile?"

I don't believe Kirby's pages were inked or lettered. The Kirby page I've seen had his pencil lettering. When he plotted and scripted stories himself he wrote the dialogue in, quite legibly, as he went, so his pages should be readable. I don't know what the situation with Kane's might be.

“Facsimile” may mean that the Kane and Kirby pages (from two separate projects) will be presented in such a way as to tell a single story. Or it may mean thet the original art pages have been scanned by a color photocopier, like an Artist Edition.

I have seen several of these pages before, Kirby ones in The Jack Kirby Collector and Kane ones probably in Back Issue magazine, both published by Two Morrows, but I have no idea how many pages exist overall. Maybe the ones I saw are all there are, I don’t know. Of course, there may be rights issues involved as well.

Several years ago I exchanged a few e-mail with John Morrow and suggested his company might be to ones to assemble the pages in a format similar to the “graphite edition” they did of Jack Kirby’s Captain Victory #1. He said that sounded like a good idea and that he would look into it. I’d be curious to know if this project will be published by Two Morrows. In any case, I’m in.

Kirby did at least 17 pages, if you count a double-spread as two. It may be the complete first issue. Forces of Geek published them online in 2014.

Link had an article on it about a year ago.

Here's Amazon's US listing. It appears Titan Books will be the publisher.

Here's Englehart's recollection.

See Kirby's black & white pages in color here. You can see some blue line work.

Some of Gil Kane's pages can be seen here and here.

Wow, that looks great! I had no idea so many pages existed. I can hardly wait to see it printed on actual paper between two covers. Good job on the reseach, Tim. Thanks for all the links.

I turned the TV to the Acme Classics channel just in time to find that I had missed an episode of Terry and the Pirates. Dang!

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