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It's still going. It's been sanitized a bit (I once owned a paperback collection of some of the older comics--they wouldn't fly today) but it's usually worth a small chuckle.

A couple years back, I posted a list of capsuled descriptions of movies created by scrolling through the TV guide and joining bits and pieces of the different actual capsuled descriptions, because these would make for much better viewing than what's usually available.

Because no one asked for it, and because I've come down with some kind of illness, here's another such list:

-A pack of hungry wolves fight elite female commandos aboard a cruise ship

-Anglican nuns enter their wacky cars on a 1942 trip to find Florida retirees on a serial killer’s farm

-An Englishwoman and her brother reunite after a gay painter and a dog see the Virgin Mary frequent New York City’s Bowery area

-With the help of his brother, folk singer Woody Guthrie descends at night in a shocking one-piece bathing suit.

-An English boy’s collie marries a gambler on a world ruled by intelligent simians

-Teenage fugitive Annie Oakley joins a cyborg policeman on a Mississippi river boat

-A lobbyist for big tobacco kidnaps his teenage mistress in the late 1890s

-After a mutant-hating blacksmith channels ancient energies to transform himself into a champion high-school baseball team, a long-buried secret leads him to Elsa the lioness in New Hampshire

-Perseus, the son of Zeus, must cut his way through a team of assassins in ancient Egypt

-World champion Canadian boxers fight telepathic mutants worshiping the atomic bomb

-A blinded WW II veteran escapes from his bond and carries an intergalactic messenger on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip

-An ambulance driver and a Boston spinster join others lost in a terrifying alien encounter in 1960 Northern Ireland

-A teen fears a dark secret and has to evade a killer hired by anti-technology radicals

-A Spanish matador agrees to deliver a suspicious shipment to Tokyo with a nurse

-A swimwear designer’s sister trains to take one last crack at the title while engaged to a Colonel’s daughter

-After a nuclear holocaust, four women have strong opinions on a waitress with a boorish fiancé

-A mail-order bride fails in love with Alcoholics Anonymous

Half of those sound like just another day at the office on the SyFy Channel.

How about,

"A cyborg from the future, sheltered by her sleazy mother, vows to help Loyalists rid the basement of space aliens with a kooky girlfriend."

(Terminator/A Patch of Blue/ For Whom the Bell Tolls/ Graveyard Shift / Close Encounters of the Third Kind/ A Passage to India / Rendezvous)

Yeah, I guess you're right.

Doctor Hmmm? said:

Half of those sound like just another day at the office on the SyFy Channel.

It's a fun list, JD. The first one sounds especially viable.

Ouch. So wrong.

PowerBook Pete, the Mad Mod said:

Oddly, the first story is from an NBC affiliate, and my first impression was that he was claiming to have created the Black Panther. Incoherent.

In a report on that same local station about the upcoming movie, READY PLAYER ONE, the newsreader said that the song "Pure Imagination" comes from the movie CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. Nope, wrong movie. It comes from WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY.

And they're sticking with their earlier story:


WREG-TV in Memphis shares a story from a Maryland station about Jesse J Holland. Meanwhile, WMC-TV packages their erroneous story.

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