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There's an interesting comment at this Supermegamonkey page about the logo on the cover of X-Men #7. It's currently positioned fifth.

This post displaced the thread Stan Freberg Has Died from the home page.

Does Magneto ever show mind reading powers again? The "it was mind reading circuitry" sounds too much like somebody trying to explain away something he didn't like. Did Magneto have his own Cerebro?

It's interesting looking back how uncool and totally unlike the joking Beast Hank McCoy used to be. He might as well be a completely different character.

I don't see anything about the logo there.

It's in the comments at the bottom of the page.

I remember noticing this goof all those years ago. I think this was before I wrote any letters to the companies. It's pretty obvious what happened and I might not have even mentioned it then.

All I see is Angel's wing seems to have fallen off.

Ah. Found it. They should have said it was against the word "The" in the logo. Looks like somebody took a pen and doodled on the cover.

Took awhile for the "Scarlet" Witch to actually be scarlet, at least on the covers.

Never noticed before the later goofy cover box. This quickly changed to Iceman firing an ice bolt instead of snowballs once he started looking like he was actually ice. At first it's surprising he isn't called Snowman.

The two covers Ron posted show where the wing on the "X" on the #7 cover came from.

Both with the Blob, so there seems to be some connection there. The one in #7 is faded and looks like it was made with carbon paper.

Took awhile for the "Scarlet" Witch to actually be scarlet, at least on the covers.

Probably the cover colourist coloured her green to contrast with Magneto. I notice Quicksilver is blue on the same issues; I think he was green inside. The covers may be where the inspiration for switching him to a blue costume came from.

Notice that none of the costumes on those covers are skin-tight.

Wherever the idea that superhero costumes were skin-tight came from, it wasn't Jack Kirby.

I'm sure Magneto was shaking in his booties at the thought of being nailed by one of Iceman's snowballs!  Also sort of wonder if perhaps the colorist thought Wanda's nom de guerre was the Emerald Witch.  I think Stan may have had a fit if, say, someone had colored the Red Skull's mask green or the Silver Surfer lavender on a cover. 

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