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Hey, I noticed that, too! What'd you do, make a screen shot?


I'm kinda surprised to see that kind of mistake now. Most people are fairly conversational on what is Marvel and what is not these days.

Captain Comics said:

I'm kinda surprised to see that kind of mistake now. Most people are fairly conversational on what is Marvel and what is not these days.

Not everybody. For example, I once saw a promo for an episode of Mythbusters that looked at how the Batmobile works that called Batman and Robin "Marvel Comics heroes."

A Ninth Planet? My hat tip for the link.

So where does Mondas fit in?

ClarkKent_DC said:

We get a letter in the mail from Toyota, telling us of a recall of certain Corollas, circa 2003-2007. The problem is, humidity can turn into moisture in the housing for the front passenger-side airbag, meaning that if it deploys, it might send shrapnel through that passenger's chest.


However, the note goes on to say that they don't actually have enough parts to fix all those cars, so they're concentrating on the southeastern states where humidity is more of a problem than anywhere else. Once that region is done, they'll get to everybody else.

So what are you supposed to do if you don't live in the southeastern U.S.?

Don't let anybody sit in the front passenger seat.

Well, we finally get word that parts are available to replace the airbag in our Toyota, so we made an appointment for today at our friendly neighborhood Toyota dealership. I was told it would take about two hours. 

So, I go at the appointed hour, and I'm settled in the waiting area ... and after 45 minutes, a manager tells me they don't have the parts.  photo mad2.gif He can't explain why, but they don't. Maybe they put them in somebody else's car.

So when can I get this done? I ask. Next week, he says. bang head photo banghead.gif

But we needed it done THIS week because we're sending that car with our kid to college. So I call a dealership near where the college is and make arrangements to get it done there after the parts show up.

You just can't get good customer service any more. Not only is it irritating that they didn't have the parts, but it took them 45 minutes to figure that out?

One of the copy editors here wrote a label for the AP story we're running: "Planet Nine in Outer Space." Yes, it's an Ed Wood reference that will go over the heads of 90 percent of the audience.

Luke Blanchard said:

A Ninth Planet? My hat tip for the link.

Pulp Artists has a page on Alex Schomburg here. The 1961 item is interesting from a comics point of view. I don't think the cover is real. It most reminds me of Captain America Comics #13, but the GCD attributes that to Al Avison. (Thanks for the heads-up about the dysfunctional link, Richard.)

Schomburg drew the cover of and the Torch's chapter in Invaders Annual #1. My recollection is Roy Thomas described a typical Alex Schomburg cover on the text page. If my memory isn't playing tricks he mentioned Cap., the Torch and Namor attacking a castle labelled "Hitler's Berchtesgaden". That's the cover of All Select Comics #1.

Science Has Ruined Spider-Man - Stephen Colbert

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