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Paul Kupperberg has a post here on the original Superman stories produced for the German publisher Ehapa in the 1980s.

The GCD’s pages on the German issues where the stories appeared have German synopses which can be translated using Google Translate. So I’ve put together this list of where the stories appeared. I’ve numbered the entries by the numbers in the index cards’ DISPOSITION columns, and listed US appearances I know about.

Superman Taschenbuch #78 and Superman Superband #30 both had two of the stories, so in those cases I've noted the story's German title.


The two Superman Extra covers in Kupperberg’s post are Dutch issues.

The GCD has two listings for Egmont Ehapa titles called Superman Album. Apparently they were corresponding German and Dutch series. The German title was the one that ran 12 issues, the Dutch the one that ran 8. The German issues have synopses, the Dutch ones haven't been indexed.

1 = Superman Album #1 = Superman Spectacular(1)

2 = Superman Album #2 = Superman #387-Action Comics #547

3 = Superman Album #3 = Action Comics #548-#549

4 = Superman Album #4 = Superman Special #1

5 = Superman Album #5 = Superman Special #2

6 = Superman Album #6

7 = Superman Album #7

8 = Superman Album #8

9 = Superman Album #9

10 = Superman Sonderausgabe #9

11 = Superman Album #10

12 = Superman Album #11

13 = Superman Album #12 = Superman Special #3

14 = Superman Sonderausgabe #10

15 = Superman Superband #29 = Superman Annual #12(2)

16 = Superman Taschenbuch #78 ("Glück muss man haben")

17 = Superman Taschenbuch #79

18 = Superman Superband #30 ("Cosmo Nemesis Nummer Eins")

19 = Superman Taschenbuch #72

20 = Superman Taschenbuch #78 ("Bizarros Braut")

21 = Superman Superband #30 ("Der Fluch des Parasiten")

More stories than these 21 were produced. According to the GCD the cover stories of Superman (Ehapa) #25/1982 (featuring Superman/Batman) and Superman (Ehapa) #1/1983 were also original stories.

The Superman/Batman story from Superman (Ehapa) #4/1983 appeared in the US as Superman Annual #9, and the story from Superman (Ehapa) #9/1983 appeared in Action Comics #550.

(1) The GCD lists this issue as Superman Spectacular (1982). The 1977 Superman Spectacular was DC Special Series #5.

(2) The issues both appeared in 1986. I don't know which appeared first.

Because when you're fleeing a bank robbery, the best move is to stop at the drive-thru, especially of a chain that started as a doughnut shop.

How you know you've failed Criminal 101.

Superman Special #1 (1983) was written as well as drawn by Gil Kane. The GCD's synopses is

Superman must stop a scientist who has evolved himself into something past human.

It strikes me that that's very similar to Kane's concept for Dr Evil from Captain Action #3. Dr Evil's origin also reminds me of the rebirth of Brainiac from Action Comics #544, so perhaps Kane co-plotted that story with Marv Wolfman. (Kane didn't design the new Brainiac, though. That was done by Ed Hannigan.)

You know, if an infinite number of monkeys hit random keys for an infinite amount of time, eventually, someone would impersonate Dr. Zaius as Mark Twain:

That's gold.

I may have experienced an olfactory temporal shift this afternoon. I was at home alone and smelled bananas, but I knew we had no bananas in the house. My wife came in about an hour later with a bag of bananas.


"Brief episodes of phantom smells or phantosmia – smelling something that's not there – can be triggered by temporal lobe seizures, epilepsy, or head trauma. Phantosmia is also associated with Alzheimer's and occasionally with the onset of a migraine. As weird as this seems, phantom smells aren't actually that uncommon." -- Wikipedia

I'm going with presnozition! Precognosia? Rinovision?

I prefer to think there was a "wormhole" in one of the bananas.

Have you noticed any other symptoms of space/time continuum collapse? Evil twins? Altered timelines? Improved customer service from your cable provider?


I have been experiencing a few "Mandela Effects" lately.

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