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If it's not facing the certain danger of subterranean savages when all you really wanted to do was save yourself from the possible danger of atomic war, it's ending up on the wrong planet. Sometimes life's a kick, and sometimes it's a kick in the pants, huh?

And a lot of the time, you can avoid problems if you just ask questions first:

Where are those from, JD?

I found the first one posted, uncredited, online awhile back. I do not know the original source. "The Bum Boat Special" is from Mary Worth, 9/30/07, and brought to the Net's attention by The Comics Curmudgeon some years ago.

Luke Blanchard said:

Where are those from, JD?

I've been trying to find the other, but it's stumped me so far. It could be DC, Charlton, Fawcett... But Fawcett's horror was usually supernatural-based: this must be SF. If it's 1950s it might be pre-Code.

Perhaps someone can name the artist? The handling of the eye in the side view might be a tell.

I have a collection somewhere of reprint SF stuff from the 1950s. If I get a chance, I'll look through that. I don't have that image in it, but the style recalls some of the material in it, and that might suggest an artist.

Could it be Steve Ditko, do you think? I found a panel of his with a similar side-view.

From Strange Suspense Stories #39.

Thanks for the link. I've always enjoyed his work. 

Luke Blanchard said:

Some here will be familiar with the stories Al Williamson drew for the King Features Flash Gordon title of 1966-67. Williamson wrote some of the stories himself, including the two FG stories in the first issue.

"The Mole Machine" was a homage to Stanley Pitt's Silver Starr in the Flame World. Pitt was another wonderful Raymond-school artist. He was an Australian. He worked a bit in the American comics industry - I'm aware of a few DC and Gold Key stories from the late 60s/70s - and ghosted sequences for Secret Agent Corrigan during the Goodwin/Williamson run. He also contributed pages to the 1972 Flash Gordon fanzine Heritage.

Here are three images of pages of Silver Starr original art I found at an auction site. I picked them as illustrating Pitt's skill and the homage elements in Williamson's story. Click to enlarge.


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