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But did your JLA Signal Device go off?

Happy International Left Handers Day!

Doctor Hmmm? said:

But did your JLA Signal Device go off?

Did somebody give away my secret identity? Rats!


 These particular killers can't be stopped by police or superheroes. Particularly if you are over 50 something sneaky may be trying to kill you. When I got married in 1989 we were both 41. My wife, Gayle, had been going to the doctor for a long time. I was, like many people, only going if I had more than a routine cold or flu. Fortunately, I was well established with Gayle's doctor two years later when I needed my appendix removed. This was almost a silent killer for me because I didn't have the conventional symptoms even though it was huge and ready to burst.

You will sometimes hear that someone ran marathons and was in perfect health before dying suddenly of a heart attack or of Covid. When they say there were "no underlying conditions" they often mean "no known underlying conditions." Many don't have symptoms until it is too late.

The following conditions generally are unnoticed and can be silent killers:

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: I have it. Because I got check-ups, I started taking pills to control it years ago. There pills are easy to take and come in affordable generic form. When they check, my blood pressure is normal. Uncontrolled high blood pressure can or will lead to a stroke or heart attack.

DIABETES: Type 1 Diabetes means that your body now is or always was incapable of making insulin. Mary Tyler Moore has been a Type 1 since birth. Type 1 people have no choice but to inject insulin. I have Type 2, which came on slowly. My body is still capable of making insulin. It just needs a little help. So far I have it well-controlled by pills that stimulate insulin production. There pills are easy to take and come in affordable generic form. As I tell the doctor, I still am not perfect regarding my diet. Moderation is the goal. My wife got to know new ladies in her ceramics and jewelry classes. One lady didn't get check-ups like she should. When she was experiencing vision problems and finally got checked it turned out she had uncontrolled diabetes that had progressed so much that her eyes were irreversibly damaged.

INTESTINAL POLYPS:  I have had these. These became famous when Ronald Reagan had a colonoscopy which discovered and removed pre-cancerous polyps. Later, TV newswoman Katie Couric's husband died from undiscovered intestinal cancer. She became a big advocate for colonoscopies. One of my co-workers years ago doubled over in pain one day. He was extremely lucky because usually by the time intestinal cancer causes pain it's too late to save the person. His intestines had to be cut apart to remove the cancer and be reconnected. He went on to live a long life. If not for the intense pain he would have died. The colonoscopy uses a tiny camera and a tiny scalpel. The surgeon looks for pre-cancerous polyps and painlessly removes them if found. Catching the problem before it becomes cancerous is vastly better than trying to save a person later, which is pretty hard to do.

Our local paper (or what now passes for it) ran a photo this morning about Baby Mutant Local Turtles:

Gamera: The Early Years

JD DeLuzio said:

Our local paper (or what now passes for it) ran a photo this morning about Baby Mutant Local Turtles:

A few tips to a second-hand charity book dealer:

-Life, the Universe, and Everything is not non-fiction.

-Whatever you may think of their authors' respective prose styles, Fifty Shades of Grey and The Book of Mormon do not belong in "YA."

-If a book's cover identifies it as a "crime novel of Detroit," it most likely shouldn't be filed in "Science Fiction and Fantasy."

-Debates rage over what constitutes "fiction" vs "literature," but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that James Frey's A Million Little Pieces does not qualify as the latter.

(I recognize that sometimes customers move things around, but surely that can't explain everything).

Earlier today, Tracy and I went to our favorite produce market. they sell expensive farm-to-table fruits and vegetables as well as overpriced knick knacks for your yard or garden. while leaving the store we saw a metal sculpture of Charlie Brown standing behind a Jack o' lantern and simultaneously said, "That should be Linus." 

Some Comic Book Writers, Among Other Writers, are Turning Down Lucrative Deals in Favour of Substack

Story from The Guardian

From Den of Geek:

Black Widow Lawsuit Starting to Effect Hiring for Future Movies


Hooray for Scarlett Johansson, I say. 

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