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I think it's a conscious imitation. The young member is on the left end, the woman comes next, and the orange guy is on the right end. Robotman's stance is similar to Reed's, and Beast Boy is hunched over and stretched out, like Johnny. In both cases there are four fleeing figures.

I don't know how covers were designed at DC at that point. The artist was Bob Brown. Perhaps Murray Boltinoff supplied a sketch.

My take on the Doom Patrol is they were modelled after the FF, but the early FF, when the series was sillier and the team squabbled a lot. Fantastic Four changed, and became more serious: the adventure became more intense, the fantastic elements more genuinely awesome, the soap opera more felt. Doom Patrol doubled down on squabbling, imitated Marvel's emphasis on action but wasn't as good at it, and became slipshodly plotted and paced. I've been reading the second Doom Patrol Showcase, and finding the lead stories close to incoherent.

Interesting to see two initially similar series go off in completely different directions.

The 1959 filmThe Angry Red Planet had a team somewhat similar to the FF, especially since the leader was Gerald Mohr, who would later voice Reed.

I have a soft spot for the Doom Patrol, but they were better in the earlier stories before Mento and Beast Boy.

The Conan issue was cover-dated for Jun 1975, and the Skull one for Mar 1976.

These issues were cover-dated for May 1975, Sep 1977 and Oct 1977 respectively.

These ones for Jan 1973, Apr. 1973 and Sep. 1977.

The splash page is from the comics section in the Avon magazine Out of This World Adventures #1, dated for July 1950. The story also appeared in the comic Out of This World #1, dated for the previous month. The feature's writer was Gardner Fox, who also wrote a series of novels about a barbarian hero called Kothar. Roy Thomas adapted one as a Conan adventure in Conan the Barbarian #46-#51. Image resized from Comic Book Plus.

The ACG issue was dated for Aug. 1959. The story was drawn by John Buscema, and the cover is a variation on its splash panel. The issue can be found at Comic Book Plus.

The DC issue was dated for Aug. 1975.

All cover images from the GCD. Note the John Carter and Red Sonja issues came out the same month.

The first two here were cover-dated for Sep. 1973 and Aug. 1974. The annual came out in 1979. Images from the GCD.

Hyborian Age MasterChef #99, Jun. 1979.

Except for the claws the last one looks like he's fighting the Ninja Turtles. Cowabunga!


You'd think Marvel would've learned their lesson after putting out Giant-Size Man-Thing, but no....

Luke Blanchard said:

Hyborian Age MasterChef #99, Jun. 1979.


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